7 Ways To Force Yourself To Go Out

We've all had one of those nights when we practically want to hiss from underneath our blankets every time a text comes through urging us out from our recluse state. But when you're feeling like a total homebody, it's a tall order to shake off the mood. But there are ways to force yourself to go out when all you want to do is stay home and Netflix, especially if you feel like you've been milking this hobbit thing for a weekend too long.

While our blanket forts will always play their siren song and try to convince us to stay in, sometimes a girl has to shake herself out of it and go socialize with other humans. Sometimes it's because you promised you'd be there, other times it's a big event and it'd be bogus for you to choose slippers over it, while others you have to show or your friends will literally disown you at that point. But the common theme in that thread is that you have to get out of your sweatpants, even though you'd really rather not. So you need some rousing — a little bit of convincing. And I have tips on exactly how to do that. Here are seven ways to force yourself to go out when all you want to do is Netflix.

1. Remember That You Don't Have To Go To A Rager

When you're feeling lazy in your slippers, just keep this one thing in mind: You don't have to go all out tonight. Lifestyle writer Royale Scuderi from Lifehack pointed out, "Try to socialize in quieter environments, without so much noise and activity." Rather than showing up at the ragers, ask your friends to meet you at chill bars or low-key hangout spots, making the idea of leaving the coziness of your quiet apartment more appealing.

2. Treat Yourself In An Act Of Bribery

Want to stay in sweatpants, but you promised to meet for someone's birthday? To get yourself in the mood, bribe yourself with all the treats.

Lifestyle writer Erin Gloria Ryan at Jezebel wrote, "...lay the groundwork to feel as good as you possibly can, given the circumstances." Reward yourself with a fancy slice of cheesecake, or a glass of red and half a wheel of brie. Put on a face mask and paint your nails a fun new color. Put on the for-special-occasions undies, or try out cool new makeup tutorials. Just pamper and bribe yourself for a couple of hours to get yourself in a more excited mindset.

3. Invite A Friend Over To Encourage You

It's a lot easier to go out when you have a friend waiting by the front door, tapping her foot. She's not going to let you disappear into the folds of the couch, so call her over if you feel like you might just call it a night.

For example, when I'm tempted to go to bed at eight, I call my friend over with the promise of white wine and bad TV, and then he tells me to go put on the hair straightner around nine so we can start heading out. And if I tell him to go home because JK not in the mood anymore, he would begin straightening my hair for me. No excuses.

4. Get Moving

Feel yourself already yawning and it's only five? A great way to remedy that lathargic feeling is to pop down into a workout. Lifestyle writer Thorin Klosowski at Lifehack suggested, "...a short bout of exercise is a simple way to get a little energy." It doesn't have to be anything intense or long — just something brisk enough to shake away those cobwebs.

And if you put some dance bangers on your iPod while doing so, you'll definitely get in the mood to hit the city.

5. Psych Yourself Up

Instead of thinking of all the Netflix shows you could catch up on, think of all the amazing things you could experience tonight if only you ventured out.

Breaux explained, "Home can sometimes shield me from awkwardness and unpleasantness, sure, but it can keep me away from a lot of joy, too. From the surprising conversations you can have when connecting with acquaintances over a few drinks to seeing art in person." You could meet someone interesting (and cute) at the dinner party, have a night like you haven't had since college with your friends, discover a new favorite restaurant, make a new pal — the possibilities are endless.

When you feel like bowing out, just channel your best FOMO; you'll get curious on what you could be missing.

6. Get Out Of The Mindset That It'll Be A Lot Of Work

Just because you have to venture outside the solitude of your blanket fort doesn't mean you'll have to do all the entertaining all evening long. Klosowski explained, "One thing I've learned over the years from being horribly awkward at small talk is that people love to talk about themselves, and the more you allow them to do so, the more they'll like you."

It's easy as that — if you don't feel like being social, don't be. Let those around you take the reigns, and you take the seat of interested listener for the night.

7. Think About Staying In As A Habit — One That Won't Help You Grow

If you constantly let yourself be a homebody, you're developing a new habit. And while there's nothing wrong indulging in anti-social behavior once in a while, if you default to it often enough it'll become something borderline permanent. And a habit like that definitely won't help you meet new people, come across new ideas, brave intimidating situations and, ultimately, grow.

Breaux explained, "Adventure — stepping out of comfort zones, being bold, wanting to see new things, try new recipes — is replaced with constant familiarity. Aided by the internet, and all the stories to soak up through a screen, I go from writing my own story to merely reading the stories of others."

Don't let yourself become familiar. That's a boring habit to have. Just put on those jeans and meet up the rest of the world outside!

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