11 Best "Formation" Dance Moves That Are Practically Iconic Already

When it comes to all things choreography — and all things in general, actually — Beyonce has reliably delivered gold over the years. Many of the star's most iconic dances came from the "Crazy in Love" or "Single Ladies" eras, but now there's "Formation," which provides a lot more material to appreciate. Some of the best "Formation" dance moves include the impromptu mirror dance by the shirtless man at the video's start; the Solange-like choreography that follows wherein Bey, cloaked in black, snaps her fingers and tips her hat before a group of tuxedoed men; the shadowy sequences involving a line of Bey's backup dancers dressed in grey; the parking lot dance-off; and, best of all, the Blue Ivy Carter cameo in the middle, wherein the Notorious B.I.C. adorably gets down.

With "Formation," Bey has once again blessed the world with a glorious array of new choreography to test out when no one's looking, and these 11 great dance moves from the video will surely become some of her most iconic work.

1. The "Dancing In The Mirror"

You do you, Sir.

2. The "Snap"

Not to be confused with the Bend and Snap, which still works every time.

3. The 2016 "Uh-Oh"

I suppose you could reasonably consider this the modern answer to Bey's signature "Crazy in Love" move.

4. The "Blue-Ivy-Will-See-You-Now"

B.I.C. and co. throw mean shade.

5. The "Ring Of Fire"

How have I not busted the Ring of Fire out yet? This is the new normal for me.

6. The "H/T"

This hat tip/braid combo seems vaguely Solange-esque, right?

7. The "Formation"

Perfect signature move for this video or too on the nose? It's a tough call.

8. The "Bodybuilder"

Vaguely reminiscent of every Lady Gaga music video in existence, but no less great.

9. The "I'm-About-To-Start-Breakdancing-In-A-Parking-Lot"

Not to be confused with the New Girl episode where Nasim Pedrad's character forces Taran Killam's character to "pretend you're about to break-dance, but do not actually break-dance."

10. The "Where's-The-Money?"

Seriously. Show her. Because if you ain't gettin' money, so the saying goes, then you ain't got nothin' for Bey.

11. The "New Two-Step"

It's about time.

Which one of these 11 "Formation" dance moves will permeate the culture and spread to dance floors across America? Only time will tell, but my money's on #5.

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