The Super Bowl POTUS & FLOTUS Game Was The Most Adorable Pre-Game Interview Yet

Hours before the biggest football game of the season, the president and his wife sat down with Gayle King for an interview. Barack and Michelle had the opportunity to tell the world what they're doing to celebrate the Super Bowl and answer a few questions about what the first husband and wife will do once they leave the White House. Obama and Michelle played the POTUS/FLOTUS game, with King giving the two adorable prompts that show just how strong of a couple they are.

King kicked things off by asking Michelle what simple action of adoration she loves about her husband. "I love it when," King started. Obama snapped his fingers as Michelle thought about what to say, then she enthusiastically answered, "holds my hand," looking adoringly at her husband, who answered that he loves when she laughs. The dynamic between the two is incredibly complementary.

Whereas Barack can count on Michelle to tease him, she finds that she can count on him to never disappoint her. When prompted by King to name the president's first action after his presidency ends, FLOTUS mused that her husband would "take a walk outside by himself." What's in the cards for Michelle? Lots of travel, according to POTUS. "She’s going to want to travel and roam around the world in ways that we can’t do when we’re traveling in official capacities," he said.

The interview was a rather lighthearted affair and completely failed to touch on policy. It also marked the first pre-Super Bowl interview for the president that included his wife. During his 2015 pre-Super Bowl interview, the president discussed his SOTU speech and waxed poetic on his hopes for a more robust economy. "I just want to make sure that in two years when we look back, we'll say not only did we recover from that crisis, we've built the foundation to make sure that America benefits for generations to come," Obama said in an interview with NBC's Savannah Guthrie.

That same interview last year included a whole section on the president's love of guacamole, which he savvily continues to refer to as "guac." The best dip on the planet (and POTUS agrees with me on this, I promise) was once again mentioned during this year's Super Bowl Sunday interview. A White House Super Bowl party is at once a lavish affair and a familiar one. The president and his guests nosh on wings, nachos, and pizza, and there is a special room reserved for the avid football fans. Throughout the festivities, it's a bonding experience for Barack and Michelle. Their union is strong and this interview certainly shows a marriage that will stand the test of time long after the Obamas have left the White House.