Khloe & Lamar Have An Amazing Update

There's good news from the Kardashians this Super Bowl Sunday. Kim Kardashian offered an update on Lamar Odom in the form of a beautiful Instagram photo. Odom has been in recovery since October, and Kim's sister, Khloe, has been by his side every step of the way. Her support has been a constant, and it seems to be paying off as Odom continues to make new strides in his recovery.

The Kardashians and Odom kicked off their Super Bowl Sunday celebration with what Kim called some "Super Soul Sunday" time. While neither Kim, Khloe, or Odom are fully featured in the photo, it is a beautiful nature shot that speaks volumes about the progress Odom is making since he was found unconscious in Nevada. The former NBA player's outlook was originally grim, but he clearly has come a long way since his initial diagnosis.

Hopefully there will be more Sunday Soul walks in his future, and he will continue to value the amazing support he is receiving from the Kardashians. Khloe's support, especially, is a great example of what it means to have someone by your side during a tough time. With the family walk over, here's hoping that the gang's Super Bowl celebration is just as much fun as their quality Sunday morning time.