Blue Ivy Carter & Apple Martin Have Super Bowl 50 Swag, Because Obviously — PHOTO

With Coldplay and Beyoncé performing in the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, it's no surprise that their families showed up to support them. But it looks like while Queen Bey and Chris Martin were getting ready to go onstage, Martin's consciously uncoupled ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, may have been on babysitting duty. Paltrow shared a photo of her daughter, Apple Martin and Blue Ivy Carter on their way to the Super Bowl game, showing off their "jacket game." Spoiler alert: It was adorable.

First of all, Blue Ivy's natural hair was just like Beyoncé shouted out in the brand new "Formation" — everyone should love the way B.I.C. looks with her "baby hair and Afros," because she is the cutest — and the four-year-old looks super adorable in her brightly patterned neon bomber jacket by Brooklyn-based designer Ben Copperwheat. And pairing it with the casual flared skirt and sneakers is perfect for the Super Bowl. How is it possible that a kindergartener has better personal style than everyone? I suspect being the daughter of famous pop star/noted fashion risk taker Beyoncé has something to do with it, but I know for sure that I will never have that much swag.

Apple went for a less intense color palette, but also demonstrates some serious style chops of her own, with her ability to pattern-mix in a single garment. And let's not forget that she is twelve, and yet manages to avoid any Tina Belcher-esque awkwardness, and is happy to hang out with a four year-old! Any parents with a preteen are probably very, very jealous of Gwyneth right now.

Paltrow and Martin's son, Moses, didn't make it into the photo, but presumably the entire family got into the Super Bowl spirit in honor of the halftime performance. And no matter which team takes home the Lombardi trophy, with "jacket game" that cute, the real winners of Super Bowl 50 were clearly Apple and Blue Ivy.