Where Is Scott Baio From? You Know Him From More Than The Super Bowl Commercial

According to the Avocados from Mexico Super Bowl 50 commercial, there will be a number of things humans will be known for in the future by extraterrestrials. The advertising spot showed aliens touring what seemed like a museum of Earthling life, which included "The Dress" (which started a civil war), emojis, airplanes (a.k.a. torture devices), and actor Scott Baio — no explanation given. If you're wondering where Scott Baio is from and what the reason for his appearance in the ad is, I've got your answer — the actor has a very impressive list of credits from movies and TV throughout the last few decades, so it's no wonder humankind would want to preserve him for centuries to come.

For you comedy lovers, you probably recognize Baio from his role as Bob Loblaw on Arrested Development — remember, he had Bob Loblaw's Law Blog! '80s and '90s kids know him from starring in the sitcom Charles in Charge, which aired from 1985 until 1990 and then aired in syndication throughout the '90s. He also guest starred in sitcoms like Full House, Touched by an Angel, Veronica's Closet, and The Nanny. But actually, Baio's breakout role came in the '70s sitcom Happy Days as the iconic Fonzie's (Henry Winkler) cousin Chachi Arcola. After the long-running classic sitcom ended its run in 1984, Baio famously starred in the spinoff Joanie Loves Chachi, which only lasted two seasons.

Baio has even stepped behind the camera — he directed the supernatural teen comedy Out Of This World. In 2007, he got his own reality show on VH1, called Scott Baio is 45...And Single and its sequel series Scott Baio is 46...And Pregnant, in which he married longtime friend Renee Sloan and had their first child together (aww!). So there's a lot to know Baio from, and it's clear that he totally deserves his spot in the Museum of Earthling Delights — or whatever the Avocados from Mexico aliens are calling it these days.

Check out the ad below.

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