The Song In 'The Secret Life Of Pets' Trailer Made The Comedy Sound Even More Adorable — VIDEO

The Super Bowl trailer for The Secret Life of Pets introduced even more inventive animated slapstick comedy from the studio behind Despicable Me and Minions. And, if you noticed the song in The Secret Life of Pets trailer and were wondering about where you could listen to a full version, you're in luck: The song featured is "Wild, Wild Love" by Pitbull, featuring G.R.L. Get it? Because the love is between pets and their humans, which makes it... wild? Granted, the trailer is so quick that just the "Wild, Wild Love" intro — featuring G.R.L. singing over a lighthearted guitar melody — is in The Secret Life of Pets trailer, so the beat-dropped Pitbull sections of the song don't make it in... but it's still an awesome pick.

The film looks adorable and very much in the kid-friendly vein of Minions. And, maybe with all of the comedic talent behind it — like Kevin Hart, Louis CK, Jenny Slate, Ellie Kemper, and a whole lot more — it will wind up being an amazingly great animated comedy. I mean, who hasn't wondered about what their pets do when humans aren't looking? Personally, I am very impressed at the poodle who has developed a taste for heavy metal despite being raised in a classical music household.

Check out the new Super Bowl trailer for the movie here:

Illumination on YouTube

And here's the full version of Pitbull's "Wild, Wild Love":

PitbullVEVO on YouTube

Image: Illumination/YouTube