Turkish Airlines Flies To Metropolis In The New 'Batman v Superman' Super Bowl Commercial, So Reality Is Meaningless — VIDEO

Who wants to visit both Batman and Superman? Well, now you can thanks to Turkish Airlines offering flights to Metropolis and Gotham City. OK, you can't really fly to the cities, because, well, they don't really exist (or do they?). However, according to the Turkish Airlines' Super Bowl 50 commercials, they're trying to make fans' dreams come true by offering flights to the fictional locations.

Obviously, the airline partnered up with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to promote the film, which comes out March 25. What better way to do just that than by convincing fans they just might have a shot at visiting both Metropolis and Gotham City, where heroes Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent reside? I mean, how fabulous would that be? There are some downsides, like Lex Luthor causing trouble in Metropolis and for Clark/Superman, but that's just a minor flaw. I'd be able to overlook that if I could just visit the Daily Planet for one day.

Both Ben Affleck (who plays Batman) and Jesse Eisenberg (who plays Lex Luthor) appear in the ads, which makes both even more enjoyable. I'm pretty sure Turkish Airlines is going to get a lot of love thanks to these commercials.

Now, the real question is: Where would you prefer to visit? Metropolis or Gotham City? Heck, why not make a few weeks out of it and go to both places. Maybe Turkish Airlines is offering a great deal? Here's hoping.

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Image: Turkish Airlines/YouTube