Lorde's Letter Is The Most Charming Thing Ever

Okay, I just fell a little bit more in love with Lorde, if that was even possible. Not only is the 17-year-old "Royals" singer and two-time Grammy winner a smart and confident role model for young women — but she's sincere and gracious, as well. On Wednesday, Lorde published a letter in the New Zealand Herald that was a full page to express her gratitude for the support her fans have given her — including a drawing of a Grammy award.

Lorde wrote:

"Hiya. If you are reading this, [producer] Joel [Little] & I won. HOLY CRAP. It was a crazy day & my friends and family over here are still freaking out. I just wanted to say thank you for the time you've given me these past 14 months. Finding out about me online or in between these pages or in your headphones.

Without your support, there's no way I would ever have gotten to stand in the middle of the Staples Centre & perform in my school shoes. I can't wait for tonight's show. Together we'll make it magic.

I'll see you there. xxx L"

The concert referenced is Lorde's first concert since the Grammys, at Silo Park in Auckland, New Zealand.

Showing that kind of enthusiasm for what she does and who she does it for will never get old. Like my Nana always says, "Good manners never go out of style." And what do you do when you want to thank someone in the most sincere way? You write them a handwritten note. And that's just what Lorde did for all of us.

In an age where so many things are dashed out in a Tweet, Facebook post, or blog, Lorde put pen to paper and truly thanked her fans in the most charming of ways.

Image: LordeDaily/Twitter