Here's What's In A Molten Hot Chocolate

Starbucks lovers, rejoice! Starbucks has three Valentine's Day themed drinks out as of today, Feb. 8! The offer will run through Valentine's Day, Feb. 14. While I haven't tried them myself, I have to say, the drink trio looks pretty decadent: Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. While I am a major coffee fiend myself, the drink I'm probably most likely to try is actually the Molten Hot Chocolate, because I love warm, rich things in the winter. Of course, this leads me to wonder: What is in a Starbucks Molten Hot Chocolate? What makes it different from the hot chocolate I make at home?

I'll explain the decadence in a second (hint: it has to do with, yes, more chocolate), but first, I should note the other two drinks in the Starbucks Valentine's Day trio, for those of you who aren't as hyped by hot chocolate as I am. If you're someone who wants espresso with their Valentine's treat, the coffee company is offering the Molten Chocolate Latte, which I'm going to guess has a nice balance of bitter and sweet. If you're craving sugary goodness at a low temperature, there's also the Molten Chocolate Frappuccino, which, I can promise you, is extremely Instagramable.

So, what all goes into this love-themed beverage to make it extra decadent? So, so much chocolate. Here's the basic breakdown for how this indulgent-looking hot chocolate is made:

1. First, Melt the Chocolate

Starbucks baristas combined melted chocolate chips and bittersweet mocha sauce into steamed milk for a taste they describe as "smooth and creamy." As a note, you can order the hot chocolate with any of the milks Starbucks offers, including soy or coconut, which is great if you have an allergy or you're watching your calorie intake.

2. Then, All of the Whipped Cream

I know people often go crazy for Starbucks' whipped cream to begin with; however, this one actually sounds even better. Starbucks describes it as "mocha and espresso infused" which, if you ask me, sounds delightful.

3. Last But Not Least, The Drizzle

Yup: Starbucks finishes off the drink with even more chocolate goodness by adding a drizzle of espresso mocha drizzle. If I had this stuff in my apartment, I'd put it on everything.

Starbucks usually has a lot of success with their themed drinks, and it's no surprise why. They generally taste really good! These chocolaty drinks sound like the perfect treat to enjoy over Valentine's Day weekend, even if you're flying solo or hanging with friends. And if you have an SO, it's definitely not a bad idea to surprise them with a molten-chocolate inspired drink! After all, what screams Valentine's Day more than the inside of a gooey, chocolately cake?

Images: Starbucks; Giphy (3)