Kanye Changes His New Album Title Again & This Time He's Not Telling Us

While Kanye West's latest album may still be on it's way, it seems as if one vital part of the rapper's new album is still missing: A permanent title. Yes, you may recall that as of May 3, 2015, Kanye's album was going to be called Swishexcept when it was going to be called Waves. Or So Help Me God. However, it seems as if none those names seem to have stuck, so, Kanye fans, hold off on getting those tattoos you were planning on getting. The rapper seriously can't make up his mind on such a huge decision. And, news flash, even after his wife, Kim Kardashian West, took it upon herself to poll fans on what the title should be, the new name of Kanye West's album may just be a secret after all. So, in a weird way, he's kind of pulling a Beyoncé, right?

OK, I know it's not exactly the same thing — since we are definitely sure that Kanye West's new album is on its way, and we have been receiving singles off of the album already. However, all of this name-changing is making everything just plain confusing. Plus, I'm assuming that it wouldn't exactly make the marketing process an easy feat. But, nonetheless, Kanye West will do what he has to do for his art. And, if this is part of the process, then so be it. Because, in the meantime, the unknown name change is definitely official. A Kanye West direct tweet never lies.

So, is he just trying to decide on which name out of the three? Or are we going to get an all new surprise title? Or, maybe, the title of the album could be some kind of combination of the three: Swish Waves So Help Me God, anyone? Yeah, probably not. But, then again, you never know.

Unfortunately, we'll just have to wait to see what the official title is going to be when the album is released on February 11. Honestly, this wait is just making me more and more anxious. Here's to hoping that — no matter what the title is — it will all be worth it.

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