Would You Watch A Choose Your Own Adventure Movie?

FOX has decided to make a film of the Choose Your Own Adventure series. They've signed on the writers of the Night at the Museum series, as well as the director of We Are the Millers for their "crossplatform four-quadrant action-adventure franchise." But, before I give you any more details, you need to choose.

For the exciting movie experience, turn to Section ONE

For the boring, overwrought version, turn to Section TWO


Many have pointed out that the Choose Your Own Adventure franchise covers a lot of genres, from murder mystery to western, so FOX has a lot to work with. Also, if this ends up as some sort of interactive movie experience, as the "crossplatform" description suggests, it could be very promising. Some video game companies have already tried to make their games like role-playing films, so an attempt at this from the film studio side might be exciting. Remember the excitement about 3-D when Avatar came out? We could have that mad rush of movie optimism once again. And, if they cast the right people and aim the film at the right age group--kids, but with some Easter eggs for adults who read the books in the '80s--it could be very entertaining.


A Choose Your Own Adventure movie? Are you kidding me? And now, the full power of crazy tweets, showing that this can never work:

As these insightful twits have pointed out, we already choose our own adventures every time we binge-watch a series on Netflix. Also, this feels a little gimmicky, and I'm not sure that comedy writers/directors will be able to pull it off. I'm not so sure they've thought this through, and they probably don't have the interactive know-how to make it any more exciting than clicking through DVD deleted scenes. Maybe they should turn to Page 10, and learn how to make movies with original script ideas.