This Lingerie Ad Is Filled With Self Love

Each year during the month of February, couples and single people alike begin to obsess over Valentine's Day plans. Some try to meticulously concoct romantic evenings with their partners, while others dread the day for its cheesiness and candy heart-covered capitalism. And on Feb. 14, we often seem to forget body positivity, instead focusing on reaching unrealistic expectations regarding our relationship with ourselves and others. That's where feminist lingerie brand Neon Moon comes in, with its latest Celebrate You Campaign. Valentine's Day is too often filled with not-so-nice feelings, whether they be from anxiety over executing the perfect romantic date or resentment over not having a partner in your life. Although we have the freedom to reject the holiday altogether, many of us are arguably missing the point of the holiday: To celebrate love.

Through Celebrate You, the brand is shedding light on your most important relationship — the one with yourself — and attempting to redirect your focus on body positivity above all else this Valentine's Day. The video portrays multiple feminine people of various skin colors, age groups, and sizes dancing around in their lovely Neon Moon underpants and bras, showing love to their wiggly tummies, their stretch marks, and their body hair.

#NeonMoonCelebrateYou is inspirational to anyone who needs a body pos boost, posing the question: Why not celebrate you this Valentine's Day? Here are some of the best self love mantras to take from the video.

1. There's No Wrong Way To Have A Body

We all have different abilities and preferences. However you choose to present yourself, or whatever limitations your body may have, there is simply no wrong way to inhabit a body.

2. All Bodies Are Good Bodies

This includes bodies of color, fat bodies, disabled bodies, and trans/queer bodies. They are all equally beautiful and worth loving.

3. There's No Age Limit To Self Love

We sometimes forget that body positivity is for people of all ages, and that younger bodies are not necessarily more valid or beautiful than older ones. So embrace your wrinkles and lines, and all the ways your body may have evolved over time.

4. Mirrors Are Just Glass

Looking in the mirror can require a lot of patience and love, since it can sometimes conjure body negative thoughts. And sometimes, body image issues cause the reflection that you see to deviate from the reality or from the full scope of your beauty. But remember: Your self worth and gorgeous body are often above and beyond what any mirror has the ability to reveal.

5. Stripes Are Earned & They're Glorious

Be proud of your lines and stretch marks. They are beautiful maps of a life well-lived.

6. You Are Not Defined By Your Scars

It's important that we remember not to let our so-called flaws (like scars) define us, while at the same time lovingly embracing them without shame or stigma. "Flaws" are part of what make us so beautiful and unique.

7. Don't Be Ashamed To Be Who You Are

Show off your armpit hair, belly, and wrinkles with pride. Despite certain beauty and gender expectations that society loves to reinforce, you deserve to celebrate your beautiful self in its entirety.

8. Your Weight Shouldn't Define Your Self Worth

Weight is just a number, and not an indicator of beauty, health, or value. You are beautiful at any and all weights.

9. Don't Live To Anybody's Expectations But Your Own

It can sometimes be difficult to separate oneself from societal standards to favor of a body positive attitude. But at the end of the day, your preferences and opinions are all that matter. If you are happy and feel healthy (whatever that means to you) in your beautiful body, then revel in that fact this Valentine's Day (and always).

You can check out the full #NeonMoonCelebrateYou campaign video right here. And have a happy (and body pos) V-Day!

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Images: Courtesy Neon Moon