Pornhub's Valentine's Day Insights Reveal Top Searches On February 14

Ah, Valentine's Day, a time to celebrate love through romantic cards, expensive gifts, fancy dinners and hours upon hours of internet porn. According to the recently released Pornhub Valentine's Day Insights, it's also a time when folks like to spice up their porn searches to expand their horny horizons. While some spend V-Day out on a hot date, plenty of others spend it inside, hunkered down with a laptop, showering themselves with self-love.

To be fair, porn doesn't always have to be a solo endeavor, and PornHub is well aware of this fact in their breakdown of Valentine's search terms. February 14 can also be one of the few nights a year people decide to watch porn with a partner (or partners), so, naturally, their online explorations would take on a different dimension. In addition, it can be pretty exciting to be a voyeur before you try something new, so perhaps couples are searching for videos with a little "how-to" action in mind. Whatever the case may be, it's just fascinating to see what goes on in the collective sexual psyche on the day we all have a heart on for love. Here are some of the top search terms Pornhub reported from February 14, 2015.

1. Valentine's Day


Like XXXMas, I mean, Christmas, Valentine's Day inspires porn-watchers to search for appropriate holiday-themed porn, making this phrase the fifth most searched term on V-Day.

2. Bondage


Valentine's seems to bring out some folks' kinky side, as evidenced by a 45 percent increase for searches in The 'Hub's "bondage" category.

3. Naughty Swinger Wife


While it's impossible to know if couples or those flying solo are searching these terms, "naughty swinger wife" had a 633 percent spike on V-Day, perhaps suggesting some folks aren't really too keen on monogamy — at least in their fantasies.

4. Cupid


Hey, if the Eiffel Tower is sexy to some folks, I guess Cupid can be, too. Pornhub cites a 433 percent increase in searches for this chubby little angel on Valentine's Day.

5. Body Paint


File this under "fun activities for couples." "Body paint" was up 257 percent on V-Day.

6. Make Her Scream


Hopefully this search was in the service of a "how-to" for dudes to watch pre-date. "Make her scream" hit a massive high on February 14 with a 518 percent increase.

7. Romantic Sex


Awwww, searches for "romantic sex" were 70 percent higher on Valentine's Day! Talk about partwarming, y'all.

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