Another Day, Another Offensive Comment

Brandi Glanville's no filter mentality used to be called "refreshing" when she first appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Then Brandi went off the deep end when she made a blatantly racist comment on the show, and it slid from refreshing to "real," as she described herself. Now, it's gone from real to just plain rude, and still hasn't learned her lesson. In a new interview with the UK's Times , Brandi Glanville calls her old lifestyle "ghetto rich" with ex-husband Eddie Cibrian.

"Eddie and I were never truly rich," Glanville says. "We were ghetto rich. We had the nice cars, the nice house and the nice jewels, but we probably had a second and a third mortgage. We were living paycheck to paycheck, with no savings."

Another ignorant, asshole statement for the books, Brandi. There's so many things wrong with her mindset, and I just can't with her. You would have thought that she'd think twice from now on, since the "Drinking and Tweeting" author was in hot water for a racist comment on RHOBH , but nope. She's loud and proud and doesn't care who knows it.

"I had a hot dinner served on time every night and I looked great on [Cibrian's] arm," Glanville said. "That was my role."

We're so proud that you ended your life a housewife... to be a Housewife. Glanville also spoke about life now, since she lives with her sons with Cibrian, Mason and Jake.

"I don't live beyond my means. I go to the 99 Cent Store," Glanville says. "I'm not trying to keep up with the Kardashians."

Pffft. Brandi, you'd be lucky to have Kris Jenner on your ass. That way you'd be kept in line, have your tweets and actions heavily scripted, and have way more endorsement deals.

What are the chances of Brandi not being terrible anytime soon, or at least getting a media coach?

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