Could Caitlin Become Killer Frost On 'The Flash'? Her Earth-2 Counterpart May Foreshadow Her Future

Ever since Barry Allen entered that speed force at the end of Season 1, fans have waited with baited breath to see Caitlin Snow transform into Killer Frost on The Flash . Of course, we now know that this drastic change comes not from the Caitlin we know, but rather her Earth-2 counterpart; however, that's not going to make this frosty debut any less compelling (or should I say "cool") to watch. And while it's a shame that the two Caitlins won't actually be coming face to face — considering that only Harry, Barry, and Cisco will be making the journey — I doubt this is the last we'll see of this ice queen. In fact, I think it's even possible that Earth-1 Caitlin could potentially become Killer Frost at some point in the future.

See, here's the thing about evil counterparts — they always stem from a small morsel of truth. So even though the Caitlin Snow we've come to know is beyond sweet, that doesn't mean there isn't a dark side buried somewhere deep down inside of her. Everyone possesses the power to good and evil. It just so happens that Earth-2 Caitlin has chosen to get in touch with the latter side of herself. But that doesn't mean she doesn't share some vital characteristics with Earth-1 Caitlin. And vice-versa.

Of course, as of now there's no concrete proof to back up these claims. For all we know, we could meet Killer Frost on Earth-2 and never set eyes on her again. But that seems a little unlikely when you take into account how much buildup and hype has centered around this long-awaited introduction. She's bound to become a larger part of the storyline, either by eventually joining forces with our Earth-1 characters or by somehow corrupting the Caitlin we've come to know and love.

Granted, you'd think that if anyone was going to tempt Caitlin over to the dark side, it would've been shortly after losing Ronnie. And yet, she's remained as sweet as ever. But maybe something in the near future pushes Caitlin over the edge and somehow turns her into the chilly villain that could be buried within her underneath the surface. Perhaps it's even somehow connected to this cryptic message Robbie Amell tweeted out earlier this week...

Will this death have a huge impact on Caitlin? Could it bring her darkest demons out of hiding? Right now these answers remain a mystery, but if I'm right there could be more than one Killer Frost in existence before very long. What a chilling thought.

Images: Diyah Pera/The CW; snowbarrytalk/Tumblr (2)