This Brainteaser Will Seriously Hurt Your Head

Well, it's a Monday, and it's February, and nothing is nice, so why not distract yourselves for a minute or two and engage in a brainteaser? This one, from National Geographic's show Brain Games, is simultaneously very straightforward, but also very much not. All you have to answer is the question, "Which way is this bus driving?" Yes, it's that simple. Yes, you will kick yourself once you realize the answer.

In a teaser for the latest episode of Brain Games, a show all about challenging your mind (in case you couldn't tell from, like, the title), viewers are shown a simple illustration of a bus and asked, "If this bus were to begin driving, which way would it go?" Which would be an easy question if you could distinguish between the front and back... excelt that I couldn't. I immediately started searching the surrounding area for clues. Here's a hint, from me to you: That is not the right thing to do.

According to National Geographic's producers, over 80 percent of kids 10 years old and younger were able to answer the brainteaser correctly, most almost immediately. Which... ugh. Whatever. Fine.


Anyway, if you want to figure out the brainteaser yourself, skip to the end of this article for the clip. If you want or need a little help with this one, let's get started.

OK, here is the original photo:

Which Way Is the Bus Driving?


Or Right?

Are you stumped? OK, here's a clue: where is the door? You know, that thing that you need to actually enter the bus?

TA-DA! The bus would move to the left! Because the door is on the other side! We just couldn't see it! I feel so dumb! Kind of hope I'm not the only one!

Check out the video below to see the whole thing in action:

Images: National Geographic/YouTube (4); Giphy