12 Times 'PLL's Spencer Hastings Was You As A Single Gal On Valentine's Day

I've seldom heard of anyone — single or in a committed relationship — who adores Valentine's Day. Most of us love the day after Valentine's Day, when all of those heart-shaped candy boxes go on sale at CVS, but the day itself tends to evoke just enough stress to make the day not-so-fun. While couples have the added pressure of planning something ~special~ on February 14, single people have to deal with their own set of expectations. Should you go out and party in celebration of Singles Awareness Day? Curl up on the couch and consider texting all of your exes? Sleep through the entire day and wake up refreshed on February 15? If you've ever been single on Valentine's Day, you get the struggle — and you need a way to cope with everything that Valentine's Day throws your way. Fortunately, you don't have to look any further than Pretty Little Liars ' Spencer Hastings for awesome comebacks that will help you through any V-Day situation.

If you're already dreading being single on Valentine's Day, fear not: the smart, sassy, and just a tad snarky Spencer has the best one-liners that just so happen to work perfectly for whatever V-Day issue you find yourself dealing with. If you ever find yourself at a loss for words, just look at this handy guide and remember that your girl Spencer can totally be your Valentine's date:

1. When You See A Couple Making Out On The Starbucks Line

All you are trying to do is order your secret menu Valentine's Day frappucino and they are ruining it.

2. When Your Barista Asks If You Have A Valentine's Day Date Later

You have a date with more Jessica Jones and possibly Chinese takeout.

3. When Your Friend Sends Herself Valentine's Day Flowers From A "Secret Admirer"

Hey, if she wants to buy herself flowers, might as well just own it. Single girls like roses, too!

4. When Your Coupled-Up Friend Says She's "So Jealous" That You Don't Have To Worry About Valentine's Day Plans

Please. You know she's been looking forward to her pricey dinner reservation with bae since Christmas.

5. When Your Single Guy Friend Asks You To Hang Out On Valentine's Day

So... is this like a date?! Because the pressure to hang out on Valentine's Day is too enormous to mean nothing.

6. When You Go Into A Chocolate Shop To Pick Up Some Snackage

There is a very really chance that you will be swept away in the hoards of people buying their loved ones last-minute gifts.

7. When You Leave The Store Without Candy And Your Friend Asks You What's Up

You're going to the drugstore for Reese's hearts, because waiting on this line any longer would make you certifiably insane. You'd like to be able to eat candy before Valentine's Day is over.

8. When You Go To The Counter With Six Bags Of Reese's Peanut Butter Hearts And The Cashier Asks If You Have Enough Candy

Hey, you're stocking up! At least until the stores start selling Reese's Eggs.

9. When You Go To A Bar And See All The Couples Are Paired Up

You will be drinking and taking advantage of the two-for-one tequila shot deal. Just, you know... all of them will be for you.

10. When You Find The One Single Dude In The Bar After Those Tequila Shots

Who said Valentine's Day was all bad?

11. When You See That Same Dude Making Out With Another Girl

You can't even be that mad. There's only so much boy to go around in this place.

12. When Your Friend Says She Hopes You Had A Happy Valentine's Day

It will be so much better when all of that candy goes on sale at midnight.

Fear not, single ladies: Spencer is here to be your guide through this emotionally hazardous holiday.

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