'PLL's Spencer Is You When Running Into Your Ex

by Kaitlin Reilly

Diehard Pretty Little Liars fans were thrown for a major loop when the unthinkable happened in Season 6B: Gone are the days of Haleb and Spoby — instead, we are entering a dark age known as The Age Of Spaleb. Hanna and Caleb are totally dunzo, as are Spencer and Toby, and before most people had time to process just what the hell was going on, Spencer and Caleb were hooking up on Spencer's barn couch. It's all very hard to accept for Pretty Little Liars fans, but it's equally as hard to accept for Hanna and Toby, who now have to see their exes with a new person, even if they are also with new, non-endgame significant others. Fortunately, if Hanna, Toby, or even you need help dealing with a run-in with an ex, you can look to a none other than our girl Spencer for some words of wisdom.

Spencer and Caleb may be screwing up everyone's Spoby fantasies right now by getting it on together — but, still, if there's anyone whose quotes can navigate you through the awkward encounters with your former bae, it's Spencer. Spencer knows just what to say, so feel free to borrow these quotes during any ex sitch you face:

1. When Your Friend Asks You Why You Want To Leave The Party Your Ex Just Walked In To

You just came to have a few drinks and your chill zone was just interrupted by a guy who broke up with you over a 23-second phone call, a la Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift. You would like to leave now.

2. When You Make Inadvertent Eye Contact With Your Ex

Damn it. That so wasn't part of the plan.

3. When Your Ex Comes Over Playing Mr. Charming

So, you guys are hugging now? Is this what happens when he stops insulting you via Twitter?

4. When You Decide To Call His Fake Nice Guy Act Out

Because he was trolling you on social media like, five minutes ago. When did this hater stop hating?

5. When Your Ex Introduces You To His New Girlfriend

Ahh, so that's how the hater stopped hating. But the new girl seems smart and nice, so she'll probably dump him eventually.

6. When His New Girlfriend Clearly Has No Idea You Two Used To Date

Oh, God, he just referred to you as his "old college friend." This is awkward.

7. When Your Ex Won't Stopping Talking About How Great His New Relationship Is

Great for him, but you need to go find the nearest place to refill your wine glass, so...

8. When Your Ex Asks If You're Dating

The pickings are slim on Tinder, and your last relationship kind of put a bad taste in your mouth. Just saying.

9. When He Asks Why He Doesn't See You Around Much Anymore

That's not true, at all, but telling him that you purposefully avoid his (and your) old hang out spots isn't exactly something you want to spill.

10. When A Drunk Girl Comes Over And Says How "Cute" It Is That You Guys Can Be Friends

The only person you want to be here less than your ex is this girl.

11. When Your Ex Says That He Hopes You Two Can Be Friends For Real Now

Try to stifle your laughter as you walk quickly towards the nearest exit and away from your ex.

Ex encounters can be awful, but at least you're equipped with some quips now.

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