9 Adorable Jacob Tremblay Moments That Made The 2016 Award Season The Cutest Ever

When you think of movies centered around abduction, "sweet" and "adorable" are hardly the first words that come to mind. Those might not be the first words that associate with the 2015 drama Room either — but they are the two words that come to mind when thinking of the nine-year-old star of Room, actor Jacob Tremblay. In the film Tremblay plays Jack, a child who is just now exploring the world after being held captive in a single room for the entirety of his young life. Though the film has plenty of heartbreaking moments, it is Tremblay's wide-eyed, inquisitive performance that ultimately endears the audience to the film. Offscreen, the real Tremblay is equally as adorable — and he's making the 2016 award season a lot cuter for audiences everywhere.

Tremblay is a relative newcomer to the acting world, with his credits including family-friendly film Smurfs 2 and upcoming horror-thriller Before I Wake. However, with the actor appearing in three different films in the upcoming year alone — Burn Your Maps, The Book Of Henry, and Shut In — the 2016 award season won't be the only place we see this young rising star. Hopefully, Tremblay will continue to give us adorable award season moments like these for many years to come:

1. When He Met Sylvester Stallone

Looks like he got a good punch in, too.

2. When He Showed Up To A Press Event Looking Ridiculously Stylish

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The orange pants! The blazer over the tee! Those glasses! It's next-level hip on anyone, but on Tremblay the look is just too cute as well.

3. When He Proved He Should Play The Next Big Superhero

Whenever Henry Cavill retires his cape, he should hand it off to Tremblay.

4. When He Insisted He Loves Award Shows

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

Because they're like, the "biggest things ever."

5. When He Talked About Being BFFs With Brie Larson

Vanity Fair on YouTube


6. When He Did His Best Star Wars Audition

The Meredith Vieira Show on YouTube

And is then rewarded with a Star Wars Lego set.

7. When He Proved He Had More Swag Than You

Or, really, more swag than anyone ever.

8. When He Showed Off The Tramblay Twirl

E! News on YouTube

The perfect move to bust out in the clubs, even if he has to wait over a decade to do so.

9. When He Told Everyone Where He Was Going To Put His Critic's Choice Award

A&E on YouTube

It's next to his most prized possession... his Millennium Falcon model.

Seriously, could this kid be any cuter?