The Yeezy 1050 Will Come In A Range Of Colors

With just a couple of days away from the unveiling of his new collection, Kanye West revealed the new Yeezy 1050 boots on Twitter and they're already taking the Internet by storm. This is the rapper and designer's return to the duck boot style after having much success in the sneaker department with the Yeezy Boost 350s. So, what colors do the Yeezy 1050s come in? From the looks of it, West is keeping the neutral theme that his designs are known for, but that doesn't mean that he hasn't added more creative elements to this new line.

Here's what we know: the 1050 is a successor to the Yeezy 950 boot that was released last year. Based on the photos that West shared from the Season 3 fittings for NYFW earlier today, the 1050s will be available in three styles that feature multiple colors each. The 1050s will come in black and purple, tan and pink, and gray and brown. Compared to the relatively monochromatic 950s (which came in black, brown, peyote, and moon rock), the new line certainly has a more exciting and versatile palette. West also mentioned that the boots will be waterproof and showed a close-up shot of the durable, all-weather material used to make these boots.

As for price, there are no reports of how much the 1050s will cost, but I'm sure that more details will be revealed in the days leading up to West's Season 3 fashion show at Madison Square Garden on Feb. 11.

Let's take a look at the new Yeezy 1050 boot colors, shall we?

Tan & Pink

This is the lightest colorway of the trio, unless West later reveals an all-white version of the 1050s.

Gray & Brown

There's a hint of classic Timberlands in this style, but with the Yeezy stamp of approval.

Black & Purple

The contrast of the purple and black is subtle, but it elevates the overall look of this boot.

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