Tyler Blackburn Is Onboard With Spaleb & Has Broke All 'PLL' Fans' Hearts

I was stoked when I heard that Pretty Little Liars would be jumping forward five years into the future. It seemed like the perfect way for the girls to remove themselves from A and start brand-new lives outside of Rosewood — just in time for the new villain to emerge, of course. However, I have to admit that when I looked to the Liars futures, I imagined something just a little bit different — especially when it came to their relationships. I imagined Toby and Spencer living in a cute Georgetown townhouse, and occasionally hosting their couple BFFs Caleb and Hanna when they were visiting from New York. What I didn't expect was that Spencer and Caleb would be hooking up with one another five years down the line. While most fans can barely handle the mere idea of Spaleb, there's one person who just admitted he's cool with it — PLL actor Tyler Blackburn is totally into Spaleb, and I'm so not OK with that.

Blackburn spoke to Vulture about the new relationship between Caleb and Spencer, and though he admitted that the running joke on set was that one could "hear the screams of the fans hating every moment during all of [Spencer and Caleb's] scenes," Blackburn himself doesn't actually loathe the new pairing. In fact, he thinks that the couple kind of


The idea originally with Caleb and Hanna was that they were almost opposites, very ‘opposites attract.’ I think that Caleb and Spencer have a lot in common... They have an innate sense of what’s going on around them. They’re very inquisitive, they’re very sharp. Especially after five years, they’re now adults, and they have their specialties, and they work toward them in the same vein. I feel like there’s a spark. In previous seasons, there was a little bit of a spark in certain scenes because of those similarities.

Annnnnd nothing will ever be OK again.


This new couple may be sparking, but there's nothing that fans want more than for this ship to sink deeper than Wilden's cop car. Fortunately, showrunner I. Marlene King maaaay have hinted that everything will return to normal soon with this cryptic (and since

) Instagram pic.

Blackburn may be enjoying his time aboard The S.S. Spaleb, but I can't wait until Spoby and Haleb once again dock in Rosewood.

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