14 Reasons Spencer & Caleb Should Stop Hooking Up

I am obsessed with Pretty Little Liars, and I know I'm not the only one. Sure, there have been moments I've vowed to quit the show, — but I keep coming back for more, regardless. While I'm all for a great flash forward, especially since One Tree Hill and Dawson's Creek did it so well, not everything is A-OK in future Pretty Little Liars land. It makes sense that the actors are now playing age appropriate characters but, romantically, some plot developments have been very disturbing for a longtime fan like myself. Mainly, Spencer and Caleb should never have hooked up.

General consensus is that Spencer broke the, like, rules of feminism when she hooked up with Caleb. Sure, she got Hanna's blessing to date her ex, but it just doesn't feel right seeing the two of them together, and I don't think it ever will. First off, Caleb should know better than dating his former girlfriend's BFF. Secondly, Spencer must realise she is still madly in love with Toby. I realize it, so surely she must realize it, too. Whatever the reason they broke up, #Spoby are forever, and this whole sorry situation must be rectified. Here are all the many reasons Caleb and Spencer shouldn't hook up ever again.

1. #Spoby Forever

Sure there were some rocky moments for Spencer and Toby, especially when he became a cop and distance seemed to grow between the once solid pair. But there's clearly still a lot of love between them, and there always will be.

2. Toby Looked So Sad When Caleb Told Him About Spencer

Caleb is basically evil for making Toby look as sad as he did in Season 6 Episode 14.

3. Hanna Is Bae

Caleb came back from Rosewood and got Hanna back. I don't care what went down between the two; they always get back together.

4. Hanna And Spencer's Friendship Is On The Line

Spencer is playing a dangerous game, hooking up with Caleb. The #squad is at stake, and, even though Hanna said it was OK for the two to start dating, deep down she must be a little upset about the development.

5. Hanna Might Be Engaged, But She's Not Over Caleb

The two might have made the decision to move on, but there are still residual feelings between Hanna and Caleb. Sure, her fiancé Jordan seems nice and all, but he doesn't understand Hanna the way Caleb did. Plus, Jordan is almost a little too supportive, leading me to suspect him of something.

6. Toby's Girlfriend Doesn't Seem Legit

Not only is she too perfect, and in direct competition with Spencer politically, but Yvonne seems eager to lock Toby down by getting him to put a ring on it. It's too rushed, especially as Toby's eyes light up whenever Spencer is around. Could Toby's girlfriend be dodgy too?

7. Emily Doesn't Like The Sound Of It

I trust Emily's opinion on important issues such as this, and she thinks Caleb and Spencer hooking up is a terrible idea.

8. Keegan Allen Isn't Happy

In some amazing gif reactions to footage of Spencer and Caleb getting together, Keegan Allen is clearly against the idea. Because Spencer should be with him.

9. The Actual Hook Up Was Super Awkward

If we're analyzing footage of Spencer and Caleb getting it on, it's not a pretty thing to watch. Firstly, what is this shoe kick all about? Hardly a smooth and sexy manoeuvre.

10. Caleb Has No Game

With Hanna, the kissing and fumbling always seemed so natural and cute. But with Spencer, Caleb is game-less.

11. They're Like Brother And Sister

Make it stop.

12. The Bed Scene Was Too Much

Remember when Joey and Rachel liked each other in Friends, and it seemed cute until they actually hooked up? Yeah, that.

13. We Might Not Be Able To Trust Caleb

Caleb's computer skills come in handy when the girls need something, but could he be responsible for any of the crazy blogging and hacking that's going on in Rosewood of late? Is he using his influence as part of the Hastings campaign to frame Spencer and her friends for Charlotte's murder?

14. Spencer And Caleb Are Co-Dependent Before They're Even A Couple

Their relationship isn't normal, and I don't like it.

So that's conclusive, right? Spencer and Caleb should never have hooked up, because clearly Spencer should be with Toby, and Caleb should be with Hanna. Case closed.

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