Non's Evil Plan Has A Name On 'Supergirl'

The Kryptonian threat grew on Supergirl while Kara was vacationing on the planet that was — in a nightmare. Non even gave their ultimate plan, whatever it is, a name. What is Myriad on Supergirl ? It sounds evil, and there's a chance that it's already too late.

"Humanity is the disease," said Non at the end of the episode, "Myriad is the cure." Yeesh, that's never good news coming from an alien supervillain. General Astra and her husband brought up this word a few times. Non justified putting the black mercy plant on Kara in order to foster the initiation so that the next phase of this plan.

In DC Comics, Myriad is a person — the alias of a martial arts instructor named Sasha Green. She died, and was brought "back to life" by an alien parasite. She can control the minds of the people she touches, but always forgets doing it when she's finished. Is this person, or parasite, Non and Astra's secret weapon? I kind of doubt it, though it's worth thinking about. I don't get the feeling that Myriad on Supergirl is referring to an individual in the episode. Plus, Monday's episode was an adaptation of the Alan Moore Superman comic arc "For The Man Who Has Everything," which does not feature Sasha or Myriad. Perhaps this plan is a reference to Myriad's mind control powers?

Winn thought that he could predict their next move using satellites — and discovered a widespread computer virus that Non had placed. Wait just one second — is this about to be the thing from Superman III where they try to control all the coffee... and therefore the world? I'm listening. Anyway, the DEO may have won the battle, the war is ongoing, and Myriad has allegedly been put into place. That's what Non's men told him at the end of the episode. It's a good thing Supergirl woke up from her dream world, because the alien invasion is finally getting started.

Image: Darren Michaels/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.