Beyoncé's Stylist Confirms That New Album

It's definitely Beyoncé's time right now. From the amazing music video for "Formation", to that Super Bowl performance, to the fact that she's going on a world tour really soon, Beyoncé is winning at life and taking us all on the journey. While Beyoncé is yet to confirm a new album herself, it seems likely that more music is on the way. And, lucky for us all, Beyoncé's very own stylist, Ty Hunter, told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that he's heard the new record, and it's great. This isn't exactly groundbreaking news — Beyoncé making great music is hardly a shocker — but it's reassuring to hear that a new album is extremely likely, and will preferably be released before The Formation World Tour if possible, please and thank you! But what exactly did stylist Ty Hunter say about Beyoncé's new album?

While it's unusual for a member of Beyoncé's team to say anything at all about the singer's plans, Hunter gives his wholehearted endorsement to the alleged new album by saying, "I've heard the new album, and it's beyond awesome." Let's take a few moments and let that review sink in. "It's beyond awesome" is a pretty wonderful accolade to give, and I wouldn't expect anything less. But does this mean that Beyoncé has finally outdone... Beyoncé?

"Beyond awesome" doesn't give us a lot to work with, though I have no doubt at all that the singer's new album will be just that — "beyond awesome." A pop star in the truest sense, able to put on a spectacular show, carry off amazing dance routines, and inspire style in just about anyone, Beyoncé doesn't do things by halves. Her performance at the Super Bowl alongside Coldplay and Bruno Mars is evidence of that, as is the fact that she surprise-dropped the music video for "Formation." If that first single is any clue as to what the album sounds like, then we are very lucky people indeed, and should just be grateful that special creatures like Beyoncé exist in the world.

Let's face it, anything Beyoncé does is basically magic, and Hunter's "beyond awesome" endorsement is a bit like saying Beyoncé made a better album than Beyoncé. Which is ridiculous, but probably true all the same. I'm excited, you're excited, Ty Hunter's excited, we're all excited.

Image: leagueofslayage/Tumblr