Ashley Graham's Latest Modeling Gig Is A Huge Step For Body Positivity — PHOTO

This body positive proponent and model had an incredible 2015, and it’s looking like this year will be no different. Ashley Graham is officially a 2016 Sports Illustrated model. She joins Robin Lawley as one of the first plus size models to pose for the magazine. I mean, I already thought that Graham was running things in the modeling industry, but now I’m certain of that fact. Do your thing, girl!

Graham looks sexier than ever in her bikini, which comes as a surprise to no one. She’s a bombshell who owns her body and loves the way she looks, so how could she not look sexy all spread out in the sand, you know? Not only does this seaside photo shoot prove that Graham is making waves in the fashion industry, it also gives us a lot to hope for this year. In 2015, an advertisement featuring Graham ran in Sports Illustrated , but now, she’s part of the editorial spread. She’s continuing to make a name for herself, while the ideals of beauty are continuing to shift, and if this isn’t indication that 2016’s a great year in the making, then I don’t know what is.

Check out Graham’s latest accomplishment along with nine other groundbreaking moments she had in 2015. She’s doing great things, and I'm just happy to be along for the ride.

Is she sizzlin' or what?

1. SI Ad

This swimsuitsforall ad ran in the 2015 issue of Sports Illustrated, but that was only the beginning.

2. #PlusIsEqual

Graham killed it modeling for Lane Bryant's #PlusIsEqual campaign.

3. Lingerie Model

Fernando Leon/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Oh yeah, and then there's that one time that she modeled her own lingerie with ADDITION ELLE at NYFW.

4. TED Talk

TEDx Talks on YouTube

She led an inspiring TED talk about loving your body and eliminating the term "plus size."

5. F21 Fitness Line

She was also the face of Forever 21's first ever plus size activewear line, NBD.

6. Swimsuitsforall Brand

Graham took on an important role as the face of S4A.

7. Fitspiration

She was a major source of fitspo in Addition Elle's NOLA fitness line campaign.

8. The Perfect Fit

She taught us that many women can find the perfect fit in the NYDJ denim campaign, because nothing makes your curves look better than a great pair of jeans.

9. ALDA Women

Graham stands with a powerful group of models that are all about not conforming to set beauty standards.

When it comes to fashion and body positivity, Graham is killing it. She's inspiring us to be the strong, beautiful women that we are, unapologetically. There's nothing more inspiring than that.


She slays.

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