Taylor Swift Wore This To Her First Grammy Awards

by Rosie W.

Let's admit it: T-Swizzle is kind of a walking fashion template. As a fully-fledged pop idol, she has been nailing fashionable outfit after fashionable outfit for years now, but that wasn't always the case. Nothing shows how far this star has come like the gown Taylor Swift wore to her first Grammy Awards. You know, back when she was a brand spankin' new import from the Nashville country music scene.

This look was the prom dress a high school student would salivate over in 2008. I know this because I was a high school student who would have salivated over it in 2008. It had every trend popular in prom mags at the time: boning in the bodice, satin, and lace appliques. The only thing it's missing is a tufted skirt.

That's not to say this dress is off the rack — as PopSugar points out, it was actually a custom made Sandy Spika gown, which proves just how much Swift's tastes have changed as she's matured. Seriously, could you imagine 1989-era Swift wearing boning? I didn't think so. However, that doesn't mean she's lost her soft spot for glitter, because you can't change who you are inside.

As the last five years or so of red carpet appearances prove, Swift has metamorphosed from a sweet Southern songstress into a showstopping force of nature, and looking back at outfits like this one make her transformation even more apparent. Now that Swift is home from the 1989 tour and (hopefully) busily working on her next album, I'm sure we'll see more great fashion from the singer soon. Until then, feast your eyes on this vintage Swift look and resist the urge to reminisce about your high school days.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Although the look is dated, it can't be denied that Swift has always been gorgeous.


The then-starlet was a huge fan of highlighting the inner corners of her eyes. And, obviously, barrel curls.

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Swift is so low-key she forewent nail polish for this look.

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The skirt really provides the drama.

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The purple shade of this gown looks great on Swift, but it's obvious that she has a long way to go before attaining Red Carpet: Gold Star status. Take into consideration how she looked at last year's Grammy Awards:

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Now that is a queen. Rock on, Swiftie.

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