The Most Selfie-Related Deaths Happen In These Countries, So Here's Your Reminder To Snap Responsibly

You've probably heard about selfie-related deaths before, but have you ever wondered where and how exactly these fatalities are occurring? A new report from Priceonomics analyzed the data behind deaths related to taking selfies and found some interesting trends. Some of it is demographic-related — we're talking age and gender of the victims — but some of it (and, I would argue, the more interesting stuff) takes a look at other trends: Where these deaths are happening and why. None of this is to shame anyone who's into taking selfies — you do you — but it's always worth being mindful of your surroundings while you snap them.

Priceonomics conducted their own research for this report, by assembling information about every selfie-related death in the last three years. A total of 49 individuals have died of selfie-related causes since 2014, with the average person being 21 years of age — indeed, 27 percent of all people who died from something selfie-related were 21. Furthermore, 11 percent were 20 years old and seven percent were 22, meaning that almost half — 45 percent — of people who have died selfie-related deathes were in their early 20s.

Men were also significantly more likely to suffer these casualties than women, constituting over 73 percent of these deaths. The most frequent cause of selfie death was by falling; 16 of the 49 deaths counted in the analysis were due to falling from a significant height. Drowning came in a close second place, however, so maybe think twice before trying to get that perfect vacation selfie in the ocean.

So: Where are these selfie-related deaths occuring? Are some countries home to more of them than others? In a word, yes. Let's take a closer look at the top five from the list; to see the full range of data, including more information on demographics of selfie-related fatalities, make sure to head over to Priceonomics for the complete report.

5. The Philippines

Four selfie-related deaths have occurred in the Philippines over the past few years, with two of those individuals dying by falling and the other two having been struck by something while taking a selfie. Let this be a reminder that you should never compromise your safety for a cool selfie — we'd much rather be able to see you alive!

4. Spain

This European country tied for fourth place with the Philippines, as they also have had four selfie-related casualties in the last few years. In one particularly tragic case, a 32-year-old man was gored by a bull while taking a selfie; the bull came at him from behind.

3. The United States

The good ol' U.S. of A. had the third most selfie-related deaths of any country, with our home nation having seen five on its soil since 2014. Considering that our culture is somewhat obsessed with taking selfies, this is really not very surprising.

2. Russia

Seven Russians have died of selfie-related causes since 2014, but the problem has actually been heavily addressed by their government: "No selfie zones" exist in dangerous or hazardous locations in order to try and prevent death by selfie.

1. India

India was home to 19 of the 49 selfie-related deaths since 2014, according to the report, which constitutes a full 40 percent of them. Priceconomics points out that the country also has a huge drowning problem, with 86,000 Indian people dying from drowning each year. Most of those who die are also young, with the majority being between the ages of 15 and 25.

For more, head on over to Priceonomics.

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