Is Kylie Jenner Puma's New Spokesperson? Here's What We Know

Lip Kit madness is in full swing, but Kylie Jenner may have something even more exciting in the works. It's rumored that Kylie Jenner is the new face of Puma, according to US Weekly, and if her Lip Kits are any indication, prepare for a massive Puma shortage in the near future.

I think we can all agree that Kylie is pretty much killing it these days, so it's no surprise that Puma would want the edgy star behind their athleisure brand — and as much as they'd want her, so would the public. Can you even imagine what that campaign would look like? UGH. Please be true.

Unfortunately, nothing has been confirmed yet, but usually when something like this leaks, it tends to come to fruition. Plus, Jenner frequently rocks the brand herself, so it would be fitting. But so far, what we know is that while it wouldn't be a full-on collaboration, á la Rihanna, Kylie would be an ambassador, and would earn seven figures to do so. Wowza.

Jenner and Puma have not commented on it yet, but given that she loves teasing her fans (remember with her Lip Kit colors?), I think she might put us through the torture a little bit longer.

She looks so great in them, right? Right.

Everyone on Twitter is talking about it...

And like I said, she's no stranger to the brand:

She's been wearing them since 2014:

Fingers crossed the rumors are true!

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