17 TV Episodes On Netflix Perfect For Anyone Who's Single & Wants To Stay In This Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine’s Day… again. I you are unattached and sick of all of the candy hearts, giant teddy bears (seriously, who needs a bear that big?!), and happy couples, say no more. I have planned the perfect evening for you — TV, your couch, and the wine of your choosing. Here are all of the best Valentine’s Day TV episodes to watch on Netflix if you are spending the evening solo — or if you and your partner don’t want to do the whole sappy Valentine’s thing.

From often creepy babies with wings, to over-priced Valentine’s menus, to restaurant crowds, to PDA, there are a million reasons not to leave your house this Sunday. If you’re not feeling Valentine’s Day this year, or want to celebrate it from the comfort of your own home, I'm here to help. First, prepare for the holiday like you would a blizzard — stock up on wine, candy, and food the day before, because no one wants to wait in lines with a million panicked boyfriends who waited until the last minute on Feb. 14. Treat yo self with sweets, flowers, and drinks, because no one loves you like you do. And, settle in on the couch for some Valentine’s TV episodes. Here are the best episodes streaming on Netflix to watch on Valentine’s Day if you’re single.

30 Rock

Season 1, Episode 13: "Up All Night"

Hey, at least you aren’t a panicked Pete or agitated Angie tonight. And, even the most cynical viewers are glad to meet “Flower Guy.”

Season 3, Episode 11: "St. Valentine’s Day"

Liz Lemon’s worst Valentine’s yet, involving an embarrassing toilet incident and death.

Season 4, Episode 13: "Anna Howard Shaw Day"

“Happy Valentine’s Day, No One.”

Season 6, Episode 6: "Hey Baby What’s Wrong?"

Because nothing pits smug, happy couples against each other like Ikea.

Parks & Recreation

Season 2, Episode 16: "Galentine's Day"

The world is introduced to Galentine’s Day — which is way better than Valentine's Day, anyway.

Season 4, Episode 14: "Operation Ann"

Because we all need a friend like Leslie Knope to shower us with compliments (though often strange) and invest so much (almost too much) in our love lives.

New Girl

Season 1, Episode 13: "Valentine’s Day"

This year, it’s all about what little Jess wants.


Season 1, Episode 14: "The One With The Candy Hearts"

Sheesh. At least you’re not Janice. OH. MY. GOD.

Season 6, Episode 17: "The One With The Unagi"

See, Monica and Chandler (aka proof true love exists) are bad at this holiday too!

Season 8, Episode 15: "The One With The Birthing Video"

Haha … No one is having sex tonight after watching this.

The Office

Season 2, Episode 16: "Valentine's Day"

Let, the Kelly and Ryan Drama begin! Plus, take solace in the fact that your Valentine isn’t Roy.

Season 5, Episode 18: "Blood Drive"

Because sometimes TV characters don’t get the girl, either.

Season 7, Episode 16: "PDA"

Yes, Michael and Holly are nauseating. But, I love drunk Jim and Pam at the office.

Gilmore Girls

Season 6, Episode 15: "A Vineyard Valentine"

The Huntzbergers are the Valentine’s Day of people because they are just the worst. Also, Luke is so disappointing in this episode. Boo love!

How I Met Your Mother

Season 5, Episode 15: "Rabbit or Duck"

The infamous episode where Barney holds up a sign with his phone number at the Super Bowl. So implausible, it isn't even offensive.

Season 6, Episode 16: "Desperation Day"

Barney introduces us to Desperation Day, the day before Valentine's Day, where everyone desperately scrambles for a date. Maybe if they had just known the power of Netflix, they wouldn't have felt the need to have a date.

Season 7, Episode 16: "The Drunk Train"

No matter what your plans, on Valentine's or any other day, know that it could be worse: You could be on the drunk train.

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