Will Beyonce Be At The 2016 Grammy Awards? There Are So Many Reasons Why She Should

I can tell you what I won’t be doing during the 2016 Grammy Awards on Monday night: I won’t be sitting around like some pathetic girl who’s waiting for the phone to ring, hoping that Beyoncé will make an appearance. No, I will be holding my head high and giving my much-deserved attention to the other musicians and artists who have long ago confirmed their attendance and refused to play with my heart. I will frantically fawn over the Taylor Swifts of the world, the Rihannas, and the Adeles, because they are committed and available and eager to please. So, no, I will not spend the entire night wondering, will Beyoncé be at the 2016 Grammy Awards? I just won’t. I refuse.

But, still. My heart is a loyal one, and my love for Beyoncé has no end. Especially after her performance at the 2016 Super Bowl on Sunday night and her recent release of “Formation,” her newest song in way too long. All of that has mixed together and made me all kinds of fluttery and obsessed.

So I can’t help it. All I really want to do is wait around until Beyoncé announces that she is going to this year’s Grammy Awards. Or until she just shows up, which is totally more her style.

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Because she has every reason to make an appearance. Sure, she hasn’t been nominated for anything this year, and her name has yet to grace the official list of performers, but she’s Beyoncé. The Grammy Awards are like her playground. Not making an appearance to prove her reign would just be unlike her. Plus there’s the fact that she does have new music out. “Formation” premiered on Saturday via video, and then again on Sunday when she performed it at the Super Bowl. With a new song to promote, an appearance at the biggest music event of the year might be a smart PR move for Bey to make. Not that the woman needs PR, but still.

And then there are the rumors that she and Jay-Z are potentially working on an album together. Whether or not that’s true (or whether or not it will be released soon) has yet to be confirmed, but I’m guessing a Grammy appearances could only preemptively put her in the good graces of the committee that will decide her fate at the 2017 Grammys. You know, if she has a new album out in time. So, OK, fine. I am holding my breath that Beyoncé makes an appearance at the 2016 Grammy Awards. And I have every reason to hope that she will make all of my dreams come true.