Who Is Tenley Molzahn's Boyfriend? Here's What You Need To Know About 'The Bachelor' Star's New Guy

Things are really good right now for Bachelor alum Tenley Molzahn. After a summer in Paradise, the Bachelor Nation trifecta star has announced that she's dating someone. After stopping by Bustle to talk all things Bachelor , Tenley revealed that she has a boyfriend and she's very excited about their future together. At the time of the interview, she didn't reveal the lucky guy's name, but according to Us Weekly, the name of Tenley's boyfriend is Taylor Leopold.

Tenley told Us Weekly that despite her past on reality TV, "[Leopold] didn’t know me from The Bachelor, which is really, really cool." So, what is there to know about this non-Bachelor watching boyfriend Tenley has found? The star told Bustle that she and her new beau met through a mutual friend who goes to church with Leopold. In addition to that, a little online investigation gives us a little more information about her new guy.

According to his LinkedIn, Leopold has been a product line manager at Reef, which is a sandal brand inspired by surfing, for the last couple of years. That seems to blend well into his personal interests, since according to an article on San Diego News' website, he was on the surf team of his college (Point Loma Nazarene University).

According to a profile on a creative commons photo sharing site called Unsplash, Leopold seems to also enjoy photography. Hopefully his interest in being behind the camera and Tenley's natural ability in front of the camera can blend together for some epic photos to come.

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