10 Things Only People From Utah Would Understand

To those outside our borders, Utah is considered home to picturesque mountains, ski slopes, and, well, Donny Osmond. But, for those of us who live in the Beehive State (who knew, right?), Utah is so much more than your favorite road trip destination. Because forget vacationing in Utah, people — the state is the perfect permanent destination for anyone, whether you're a homebody or the most ardent outdoorsman or woman. Seriously — you don't even need a pair of skis to appreciate the sheer beauty of the state all year round.

Utahns (as we're called) are often painted with a broad brush on TV shows and in movies, but, thankfully, there’s so much more to us and our state than what you see in popular culture. We’ve got spectacular national parks, lively festivals, fantastic music, delicious food, and countless other things that makes life in our state special. Want proof? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We've partnered with Nordstrom Rack to present you with 10 things that only people from Utah would understand. Trust me, once you feel like a Utahn insider, you'll never want to be back on the outside.

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1. Contrary To Popular Belief, Red And Blue Do NOT Go Together.

The Holy War between the "U" (aka, the University of Utah) and the "Y" (aka, BYU) is one of the oldest rivalries in all of college sports. It's so intense that even a mountain divides the two sides, and as a visitor you have to watch whether you're wearing your reds or your blues.

2. We Fall In Love Quickly, But That Doesn't Mean We Don't Have High Standards.

Glassware, Nordstrom Rack

Like a lot of young people everywhere else, young Utahns want to find life partners. However, that doesn’t mean we’re going to build a life with the very first person that comes our way.

3. We Know That The 24th of July Is Bigger Than The 4th.

Pioneer Day is a holiday that is unique to Utah. It honors the day in 1847 when Brigham Young and the first group of Mormons arrived in Salt Lake City, and it’s celebrated by people of all faiths. Since it is an official holiday, most of the state gets the day off.

4. We Get Outside As Often As Possible, And Multitasking Clothes Are Key

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In a locale this scenic, how can you stay inside? The air is crisp and clear, and the mountains are constantly calling — even after the snow melts. Staples like ultra soft plaids can be worn on a hike or dressed up with skinny jeans and killer booties back in the city.

5. We Are All About A Good Festival

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With over 100 annual festivals, there is always a party going on in Utah, no matter the season or the weather (so festival wear is always appropriate). We’re home to the Hare Krishna Color Festival, The Shakespearean Festival, and even an Oktoberfest. And of course, there's the event that brings a bit of glitz and glamour to Utah, Sundance Film Festival.

6. There’s Traffic! Seriously!

Going to the store? Traffic. Going to work? Traffic. Going home? TRAFFIC! Since the roads and highways take such a beating in the winter from snow and salt, they require a lot of maintenance. This means it usually takes longer to get where you're going than you want it to.

7. When We Stub Our Toes, “Frick!” Immediately Comes Out Of Our Mouths.

Other curse words include “heck,” “flippin’,” “eff,” and “frick.”

8. We Can Totally Kick Anyone Else's Butt.

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Don't mess with us because Utah is the seventh healthiest state in the nation. Studies show we have the lowest smoking rate in the country. But that's not all! We also have low rates of cancer deaths and diabetes. So who wants to run some laps?

9. Fry Sauce And Jell-O Are Considered Their Own Food Groups.

A party is not a party if you don’t have either of these items present.

10. Oversized Sweaters Are A Year-round Must

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While big, chunky sweaters are great for achieving ski lodge chic vibes all winter, lighter pieces will serve you just as well after Sundance season. A big cozy sweater, no matter its weight, makes getting dressed totally effortless. Throw it over jeans, a sundress, or even your swimsuit on a trip to the lake.

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