Did The BAFTAs Snub ‘Star Wars’? The British Film Academy Showed Even Less Love For 'The Force Awakens'

The British Academy Film Awards, or BAFTAs, are this Sunday. They're the English Oscars, but not all of the films being honored are the same ones you'll see at the Academy Awards? Was Star Wars: The Force Awakens snubbed at the BAFTAs? Unfortunately, the Force will be only moderate on Sunday evening.

It actually got fewer BAFTA nominations than Oscar nominations. The Force Awakens was nominated, or "shortlisted," at the British Academy Film Awards for Best Production Design, Best Original Music, Best Sound, and Best Achievement In Special Visual Effects. That's not too terrible, however the film was not nominated for Best Film, and wasn't even eligible for Outstanding British Film, despite the fact that Star Wars filmed largely in the UK and employed some of Britain's finest talent both on and off screen. How could one of the year's most profitable and well-received films not be recognized again? The lack of major nominations aren't surprising — the history of Star Wars and the Oscars is not too different than the franchise's history at the BAFTAs. Still, I like to have hope.

Honestly, the BAFTAs were more "traditional" across the board — not even Mad Max: Fury Road managed to break through and score nominations in the major categories. That genre film is only represented in technical and design categories as well. The two films with the most nominations are Bridge of Spies and Carol, which were not heavily represented at the Academy Awards and are more traditional dramas.

However, one of the biggest honors that The Force Awakens received isn't an actual nomination for the film — it's John Boyega's Rising Star nomination. That's really awesome, and a pretty big deal considering that Boyega's casting was met with an ugly reception from some. Though everyone who saw Attack The Block already knew, I'm glad the British Academy is recognizing what a star and what a talent Boyega is after his breakout role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

All in all, don't look forward to seeing a lot of love for Star Wars at the BAFTAs this Sunday. Instead, take comfort in the fact that Episode VIII has already started filming, Root for the categories that The Force Awakens is recognized for, and keep on looking to the future (...of a long time ago in that galaxy far, far away).

Image: Disney; Giphy