He's at it again, this time in Canada

Oh, Bieber. Bieber, no. Justin Bieber's facing assault charges in Canada in his second arrest of the week. Jeez, Bieber, you really gotta set better goals for yourself. So what happened in Canada? Well, apparently he had an "encounter" with a limousine driver sometime last month, which sounds like celebrity code for either "beat the shit out of the dude" or "shoved a hundred dollar bill down his throat Scott Disick style." Neither sound good. Both sound like more evidence in the universal case to either deport Bieber from fame or save him from himself.

Keep in mind that Bieber is also still facing the consequences of his egging of his neighbor's house (the prosecutor is contemplating whether or not to charge him with felony vandalism), as well as that pesky drinking-and-drag-racing thing he got into (and arrested for) with that girl with supremely good eyebrows. Ah, kids these days.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Being Justin Bieber must be really weird. All the fame, the warped sense of entitlement, the endless access to drugs, alcohol, and designer sneakers; it can really mess a person up.

Still, it doesn't seem like an excuse to treating other people like crap, and drunk driving and assault seem to fall into that purview.