Calvin Asks The Council For Help With Whitney On ‘Agent Carter,’ Putting The Devious Couple At Odds

After learning about her backstory in the previous episode, I'm honestly sad that Whitney Frost seems to have enemies around every corner. At least Ken Marino's (horrifying) character stuck up for her in his fashion, am I right? Still, at the end of Tuesday's episode, Calvin called the council for help with Whitney on Agent Carter, and it makes me sad that her many adversaries are pushing her to become this villain.

At least, that's what I think he was calling the council about. He could have been calling an emergency meeting about Zero Matter, or the fact that two atomic bombs were stolen from Roxxon Oil. However, the fact that Calvin is frightened of Whitney's powers and willingness to use them on anyone — and was promptly threatened when he (condescendingly, I may add) told her to cool her jets, leads me to believe that he's calling the council for backup. Knowing Hydra, who is all but behind the Council, they'll probably want to dice Whitney up and study her. Calvin is definitely in over his head here.

At the end of the day, all Whitney wants is to do science and not take orders from anybody! That's not so much to ask, honestly. On the other hand, as cool as her motives may be, she is still a murderer and literally unstable. The more I think about them, the more I like this couple. Their dynamic is constantly shifting. Plus, Calvin Chadwick is being pulled by many strings on Agent Carter at the moment. He has the mafia, his wife, rigged election staff, and the SSR tugging at different directions. Other than a modicum of political power, I'm still not sure what wants out of all of this. By making a move and calling the council, It is kind of nice to see him pulling back on Agent Carter. He and his lady may just have become enemies, and Whitney Frost doesn't even know it yet.

Image: Kelsey McNeal/ABC