'The Tomorrow People' Recap: Astrid Goes Underground and Luca's Tomorrow People Powers Emerge

The Tomorrow People has been one of the biggest let downs of this television season. The premise was promising (super powers! The CW! Pretty people!). It was co-developed by Julie Plec, show runner on The Vampire Diaries. It should have been good, or at least okay. Instead, it's been mostly a disappointment. Last week, a small tide turned. Two new antagonists were introduced and with them, hope. This week, The Tomorrow People might just have taken the first steps toward not taking itself so damn seriously, and the results are kind of awesome (by TTP standards anyway).

Don't believe me? Here are five things that happened this week that were utterly ridiculous in the best way, in order of least ridiculous to most.

1. We find out that John's best friend growing up was a newsstand owner, from whom he purchased Flash comics. The flashback plays as pretty old-timey, but John isn't that old. John would have been a teenager in what, the early 2000s?

2. Astrid and John play doctor. I've expressed before my desire for John and Astrid to hook up, so if this were what it sounds like, I would be ecstatic. Their doctor play is more literal though: after he takes a bullet saving her from Ultra (they're on the hunt for her after uber-competitive Hillary reports to Jedikiah that she knows about Stephen's powers), she manages to remove it in a dingy closet with no prior medical skill to speak of. Oh, and she Skypes Cara for instructions (yes, Skypes).

3. Young John is played by young Justin Bieber. Okay, not really, but holy fuck does it look like it. (He's actually played by an actor named Mitchell Kummen, who just happens to have a baby face and a Bieber swoop.)

2. Luca is a Tomorrow Person too! Who's Luca, you ask? Luca is Stephen's little brother! The one they rarely feature! Maybe he can be the more interesting Jameson and inherit the show. #daretodream

1. Stephen pushes his mom's new boyfriend Peter off a cliff. I'm not kidding. I'm not even exaggerating. Peter takes the family on a camping trip in an attempt to bond with his new gal pal's sons and Stephen is convinced he's working for Ultra. (It's later revealed that all of the signs he saw were actually coming from his baby bro, Luca, who is also a Tomorrow Person, see above.) He's so convinced, in fact, that he blatantly questions Peter, demanding to know if he has powers. When Peter is like, "No, but I do know you have some mental problems… let me help you get help," Stephen decides he is sick and tired of Peter "playing dumb" and pushes him off the cliff they're standing near to prove once and for all that he does have powers. Except that he doesn't. He really, honest to god does not have any powers whatsoever. He doesn't teleport, as Stephen expected. He just straight up falls off a fucking cliff into a river and almost dies. Stephen uses his telekinesis to throw the dude a tree branch and save him and is rightly shamed for his stupidity. It's the best thing that's ever happened on this show, hands down.

Image: The CW