Is Drake Going On Tour Soon?

Having just returned from Toronto, I can safely say that I am in an all-Drake state of mind. Considering Views From the 6 is said to be released in mid-April and, ya know, I will have a special connection to the album now having literally viewed "The 6" myself, I'm pretty pumped. But, even if you've never been to Drake's homeland, the prospect of new Drake music and potential shows is still incredibly exciting. That said, is Drake going on tour in 2016? Because you know that a measly album release isn't enough for us to get our Jimmy Brooks fill. We want the real thing.

Well, if we're looking at logistics, it certainly makes sense for Drake to have an impending tour on the horizon. Not only does he have Views from the 6 to promote, but 2015 was a year packed with Drake hits, and the dude needs an outlet for all that greatness. To be fair, Drake did just go on tour in mid-late 2015, but it wasn't a large scale affair. No, Drake's Jungle Tour with Future only spanned six shows, two of which took place in Canada. And nothing against Canada, who was incredibly kind to me during my stay, but not everyone's got a passport handy to go see Drake on a whim.

After doing some research on this pressing matter, it looks like we may be getting what we're so hoping for. According to BET via the Ebro in the Morning, there is a tour happening... allegedly. And, allegedly, it's with both Drake and J. Cole. The site further explained that, "Ebro hinted during his morning radio show earlier this week that an announcement confirming the rumors could be on its way." So, perhaps it isn't strictly a Views From the 6 tour, but regardless, I am here for it.

To pique your interest further, while the tour news may be a bit behind, it looks like the album promo is not. According to Complex, on Tuesday, "Several social media users noted the advertisements that started popping up around Toronto today. Billy Bishop Airport (the main airport for the city of Toronto) tweeted out pictures of some of the ads, adding, 'the #6god has landed.'" And they also noted that, "Drake himself posted an Instagram of a huge billboard simply reading 'VIEWS.' His caption read 'All Star Weekend,' which references the upcoming NBA event being held in Toronto."

And, as Inquisitr points out, with "Summer Sixteen" being the "lead single" off the album, that impending tour thing? Yeah, it's looking pretty likely.