Your Bae Needs A Doritos Ketchup Flower Bouquet

by Brianna Wiest

Valentine's Day is almost here, which means that for the single and betrothed alike, we will all be subject to nauseating gestures of love and a lot of candy and perhaps flowers if we're lucky. But if the typically cheesy stuff isn't for you, there's a whole new kind of cheese on the market, and it may be right up your alley — Doritos ketchup flower bouquets are now a thing, and they are as they sound: gloriously crafted roses built from Doritos chips, covered in various flavorings (such as, uh, ketchup).

The crunchy creations are unfortunately only available on Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, so for the Canadians among us, you may just get to celebrate the holiday with this ultimate expression of self-love. (Or, if you send this to your partner, you are the real MVP). The bouquets were created by a team of tortilla chip aficionados, who deemed that simply sprinkling a chip with some nacho cheese or cool ranch wouldn't be enough. If you're in or around the areas where it's sold, you can check out, which is now officially live.

And for the real Doritos lovers out there who are less interested in the gesture and more interested in getting your hands on some (possibly available locally) noms, fear not: there are many other insane Doritos creations in the world. Like your single self on Valentine's Day, you won't even know what you're missing when you check out the following list of Doritos creations to buy, make or just gawk at for a while:

Doritos Ketchup Roses

Send this to your Valentine and they will either promptly break up with you... or propose.

Doritos Loaded

These absolute gems are the brainchild of Burger King (but are also available at 7/11 and the like), who are rightfully following in the footsteps of places Taco Bell. In the words of Bustle staffers themselves: "It's like a confused chicken nugget."

Doritos Rainbows

If you were interested in supporting the LGBTQ community (and having some amazingly colored chips all at the same time). Doritos Rainbows are everything we need, and yet nothing our plebeian beings could ever deserve. (Imagine having been able to bring rainbow chips to the lunch table at school ... )

Doritos Crusted Pizza

Unfortunately, this is only available at Pizza Hut Australia, but there are Doritos in this pizza crust, so it may be time for a trip down under.

The Doritos Locos Taco

The classic Doritos Locos taco is perhaps the best on this list (I am biased) but how could it not be? If you haven't had one yet, get ye to a 'Bell as soon as you can – they come in both Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch.

Images: Ryan Humphries (1); Doritos (1); Pizza Hut (1);