Steve & D.J. Reunite In The 'Fuller House' Trailer, But Their Romance Probably Won't Last — VIDEO

I am not going to lie to you, I have been waiting with baited breath for Fuller House to come to fruition ever since the rumors came out. Which now, seems like eons ago. Thankfully, the Fuller House extended trailer was released, which means us Full House fans are all that much closer to its sequel series debut. But, while we still have a considerable amount of time to wait before we can see the episodes, let's take a deeper look at the trailer. Scratch that. Let's take a deeper look at who is in the trailer. Ahem, Steve, ahem. But, just because he's there doesn't mean he's staying. So, that begs the question, is Steve going to stick around on Fuller House ?

If you recall, the Full House series finale left D.J. Tanner and Steve Hale off on a question mark. I mean, the dude took her to prom even though they were broken up and he was in college. And girl looked pretty damn pleased to see him. Nothing about that screamed "closure" to me for their relationship. It was more like reopening a can of worms than shutting the door on the possibility of a romance for them forever. After all, Steve and D.J. had a previous breakup that tied things together pretty neatly for them. The finale ended off as if the powers that be knew that nearly 21 years later they'd revisit this open-ended storyline. Actually, maybe they did.

I mean, it sure looks that way. Not only does Steve feature heavily in a trailer that has to divide its attention amongst nearly a dozen characters, but Kimmy Gibbler drops a major bomb about his presence — He's in love with D.J. Enough, as she remarks, to initially forgo a Scooby-like sandwich. And we all know how much Steve likes to eat. That means it's real, y'all. In addition to that, we also see what looks to be like Steve playing around with D.J. and her kids on the grass, like a real family. So, are D.J. and Steve finally going to get the happy ending they deserve?

Uh, yeah, not so fast. I did a little digging, and, unfortunately, I have come across some information to dissuade myself from getting the D.J.-and-Steve-4Ever tattoo I had drawn up yesterday. By the looks of the Fuller House IMDb page, Steve is only appearing in one episode. And before you get on my case about how anything can happen in an episode, it's the first one. So, unless the first episode is a weird time warp where we see the end of the season and go back to the start like The Hangover, I think it's safe to say that Steve and D.J. aren't getting their happy ending.

At least, they might not be getting their happy ending just yet. But, hey, there's always Season 2, isn't there? In staying true to the story, D.J. is a recent widow. It makes sense that she wouldn't automatically jump right into a relationship. Especially with Steve, who she cares for and has history with. Getting into a relationship at the wrong time could ruin any potential future they could have together. So, while I'm sad that Steve isn't a series regular, I get it. It's cool, guys. We don't want all the good stuff all at once, anyway.

You can check out the Fuller House extended trailer below.

Images: Netflix US & Canada (2)/Youtube