9 Minnie Mouse x Sephora Twitter Reactions That Prove Fans Are Already Pumped

In case you haven't already heard, Minnie Mouse is getting her own makeup collection at Sephora, and it's absolutely fabulous. After the big news was released, people took to social media to show just how excited they are about the collaboration. In fact, Twitter is loving the Minnie Mouse line already, and it's not even out yet. With all this hype, the collection might even sell out faster than the Kylie Lip Kits!

Just from one look at The Disney Minnie by Sephora Collection and it's clear to see why everyone's excited. Filled with everything from makeup brushes to bright red lipstick, this collection is perfect for grown-up Disney lovers looking to bring a little excitement to their everyday routines. It's got just just enough quirkiness and class to make for the perfect addition to any adult's beauty table.

Consider this the line exactly what Minnie Mouse would have in her own makeup bag. There is a compact mirror shaped like her ears and complete with a bow, a set of polka dotted makeup brushes, and a mouse-printed lipstick. It's everything you need for a staple makeup collection. Take a look at why everyone's so excited.

Even better than the photos of the line is what the Twitter-verse is saying about it. People are not holding back their enthusiasm in the least bit. From beauty veterans looking to grow their collection to Disney lovers wanting to get in on the makeup fun, they're all taking to Twitter to show their love.

It all started some shock.

Then came pure excitement.

Followed by the realization that it isn't a want, it's a need.

People have already started saving.

And the non-savers are just giving it all up now.

Apparently people are already getting in the spirit.

This girl means business!

They want it all, folks.

If they're this obsessed after just the photos, just think of what will happen when it launches!