Guess Who's Getting Her Own Sephora Beauty Line

by Kali Borovic

It's already been a big year for this fashionable cartoon character, and it looks like things are about to get even more exciting. A Minnie Mouse makeup collection with Sephora is launching in April — just in time for the season of bright colors and sunshine.

Minnie Mouse has iconic signature style featuring polka dots, bright colors, and bows — and now you can channel her look with your makeup. Sephora is making Disney lovers' dreams come true with a new line of makeup and beauty tools. The Disney Minnie by Sephora Collection is made up of seven pieces that encompass Minnie's love of polka dots and bright red everything.

The line offers an eyeshadow palette with 20 different neutral and bright shades, bright red lipstick, and a double ended black and white eyeliner stick, each for under $25. And, if you can believe it, the makeup tools in the collection are even more fabulous. The gold and black polka-dotted makeup brushes come complete with their own little Minnie-esque bow stand. Top that off with a compact mirror that folds out to replicate the character's ears with a bow on them, and you've got one adorable collection of staples.

Minnie has had an exciting year so far as collaborations go. Lauren Conrad designed her second Kohl's Disney collection in honor of the stylish mouse, and she's not the only designer who has been inspired. Even Kate Spade got in on the fun with her collection of Minnie Mouse-inspired clutches. Move over Mickey!

According to Hello Giggles, the line will also offer an illuminating blush on top of the other products. This collection completely encompasses the quirky persona of Minnie Mouse, and has everything you need for an entire staple collection. This is exactly what Minnie would be carrying in her makeup bag.

It doesn't get any more adorable than this!