Your 'American Horror Story: Coven' Guide to Everyone Who Died This Season

The season finale of American Horror Story: Coven aired Wednesday night, and as promised, there were a ton of shocks, twists, and deaths. It's been an incredibly strange 13-episode ride, and though we've lost a lot of characters along the way, we ended the show with a stronger coven ready to embrace new witches with open arms under the guidance of the one true Supreme, Cordelia Goode. (Right, like you didn't see that coming.)

But while the coven may be ready to let in new witches, we should really take the time to grieve the characters whom we have lost this past season. Some of them were awesome (Nan!) and some of them were terrible (LaLaurie!) but they all played a big part of making this show the craziest of the crazy. Here, we honor the fallen characters with some heartfelt obituaries.

Images: FX

Misty Day

Misty Day has died several times over — what with her power of resurrection and all — but, sadly, even she was undone by the dangerous Supreme-finding test, the Seven Wonders. Misty, a devoted animal lover, entered her own personal hell — a classroom where she is forced to dissect a live frog for the rest of time — and never made it out. Her body quickly turned into dust as her personal hell captured her soul. She will be missed by her witch coven (but probably not her Florida swamp town, who thought they had killed her six months ago.)

Hank Foxx

Hank died doing the duty he was born to do — free the world of witches. Hank entered Marie Laveau’s hair salon where he started a killing rampage on the innocent women within the establishment, in an effort to kill Marie. Fittingly, Hank was killed by a witch — Queenie, a “human voodoo doll,” who shot herself in the head in order to give Hank the same wound.

Hank leaves his wife Cordelia. He will be missed by exactly no one.

Myrtle Snow

Myrtle Snow, a member of the witches’ council, was punished by her fellow witches for the murders of the other members of the council, whom she blinded via melon baller. Despite all of that, Myrtle was a respected witch and fiercely devoted to her coven, even ensuring its success by having the new Supreme, Cordelia Goode, execute her for her crimes against witches. Cordelia, Myrtle’s close friend and student, was a daughter-figure to Myrtle. The entire coven has been saddened by her demise (even though they were the ones who struck the match.)


Nan, a clairvoyant witch, drowned in the tub. She leaves behind a coven of witches who are very suspicious about her death.

Delphine LaLaurie

Delphine LaLaurie of New Orleans was a socialite, excellent hostess, and psychotic murderer. Though she made an attempt to turn around her evil ways, watching a few Eliot Spitzer newscasts made her say, “Hey, screw this redemption thing.” Though formerly immortal, Delphine’s curse was broken, allowing the witch, Queenie, to kill this evil woman.

Delphine now resides in her own personal hell — the very same torture chamber where she gleefully dismembered her own slaves.

Madison Montgomery

Actress Madison Montgomery left Hollywood to explore other interests in New Orleans. Though originally thought to be the next Supreme, Madison was unable to complete the Seven Wonders. Madison was murdered by Kyle Spencer in an angry rage. This is the second time Madison was murdered, but the only time that it stuck. Don’t expect too many people showing up for this funeral — Madison was kind of a bitch.

Marie Laveau

Marie Laveau was a wonderful woman who did many great things for New Orleans and her fellow voodoo witches. Unfortunately, Marie Laveau also sacrificed children to Papa Legba to maintain her youth, which is a big no-no. Marie Laveau is with her great enemy, Delphine LaLaurie, in a hell that they share together. Delphine now acts as the tortured while Marie is the torturer.

Fiona Goode

Fiona Goode reigned as the Supreme of her coven. She lived a fast, fun life of travel, excess, and alcohol. This celebrity witch succumbed to her battle with cancer in her home in New Orleans after being mistakenly assumed to be dead in a gator swamp. She leaves her daughter, Cordelia, and her lover, a psychotic murder/musician. But don’t cry for Fiona — we are sure she is in a much better place. Possibly eating catfish in a tiny farm house in the middle of nowhere.