Single People, Head To DQ This Valentine's Day

While I'd be perfectly happy if someone suggested a romantic trip to Dairy Queen as a Valentine's Day date, I am an independent single woman who is just as content to make the trip myself — and Dairy Queen's new Singles Blizzard may have a thing or two to do with that. Just in time for all things red, pink, and saccharine, DQ has launched a treat designed specifically with singles in mind, which is a nice gesture... I guess? But I mean, ice cream is bae even if you have a significant other, and should be celebrated regardless of whether or not you're partnered up. And, while I'm not sure that all single people would agree that they need a Blizzard to make Valentine's Day a holiday actually worth celebrating, there's no denying the Singles Blizzard sounds delish.

This newest Blizzard treat is full of fixings anybody can probably get behind — regardless of what your relationship status might be. The Valentine's Day offering comes with salted caramel truffles, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and peanut butter topping. As a DQ rep explains, the Singles Blizzard Treat is supposed to be "a proud rally cry for those celebrating themselves on Valentine’s Day," but there's something about Reese's that has universal appeal, so if you're looking for an alternative to the standard Valentine's Day box of chocolate, this might be your frozen go-to. What says "happy Valentine's Day" better than ice cream?

According to national survey commissioned by Dairy Queen, only 24 percent of single Americans plan to buy themselves a gift this Valentine's Day, despite the fact that single Americans now outnumber the number of people who are married. So, uh, if you're scrambling for any last-minute gift ideas to pick up for your one true love (ahem, you), this might be right up your alley.

Not feeling the Singles Blizzard? DQ has other Valentine's Day-ready treats ready to serve too. Order up a Red Velvet Cake Blizzard (which just so happens to be the Blizzard of the month), or treat yourself to a heart-shaped "Cupid Cake," which is essentially the Red Velvet Blizzard in cake form. Share if you want — it is Valentine's Day, after all — but also don't feel weird about keeping these all to yourself. Sometimes, you've just got to make everything about you, you know?

Images: Dairy Queen; Giphy