Our Wildest Dreams Just Came True

by Ivy Jacobson

I like Jimmy Fallon as a TV host, but love him for one specific reason: he truly knows the importance of a full-blown Full House reunion. Last July, John Stamos appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as Uncle Jesse for an incredible Jesse and the Rippers reunion — but that wasn't nearly enough Uncle Jesse or Full House references to satisfy diehard fans (cough, me). So, since John Stamos, Dave Coulier, and Bob Saget are in NYC promoting the pants off their Dannon Oikos Yogurt Super Bowl commercial, what better time to stop by Fallon's show and make our lives? On Wednesday, Stamos, Coulier, and Saget had a Full House reunion, with Jimmy Fallon playing the role of Michelle Tanner — and it was everything.

The reunion opened with Fallon waking up in Michelle's pencil bed (and how did they find an exact replica of that huge bear on the wall?) from a bad dream. Fallon then screamed, "Dad! Dad!" And lo and behold, Danny Tanner himself came rushing in, and it was as if 19 years hadn't passed at all.

Danny asked Fallon what was wrong, and he said he was scared. Cue the famous Full House sappy, dramatic music, that always seemed to start up from Stephanie breathing or DJ blinking. Then, our two favorite uncles rushed in, with Uncle Jesse wearing his mullet wig, a vest, and a plethora of crosses and chains to accessorize. Uncle Joey wore a blonde wig and an awful sweater from the '80s.

"We heard some sad, yet sappy, heartwarming music. Is everything alright?" Uncle Jesse asks.

Fallon says that he's sad to leave his show and nervous to take on The Tonight Show.

I know how you feel, there's nothing to be scared of. I host a talk show too. Waaaake Up, San Francisco!" Danny says. "The important thing, Jimmy, is that you're gonna be great. You can host a show, play guitar, and do impressions just like Danny Tanner, Jesse Katsopolis, and Joey Gladstone, all rolled into one!

In the reunion, not only does Mr. Woodchuck make an appearance, but Uncle Joey says "Cut it out," and gives us a Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, AND Popeye impression. Uncle Jesse also gives us a "Have mercy," and "The hair, heh!"

The best part, however, is a seriously touching rendition of the Teddy Bear song that took me right back to 1992.

Side note: Since it will be 20 years since the show ended in 2015, can we puh-leeeeeeze have a full-cast reunion on The Tonight Show next year? Complete with Kimmy Gibbler?

You can watch the video below: