Here's How To Know Whether To Strobe Or Contour

We all aim for flawless skin, but sometimes, we want more than that fresh-faced look. Often the best way to add a bit of flair and drama to a night out look is a killer smoky eye, but don't discount your skin. Here's how to know if you should be contouring or strobing to get that gorgeous glam skin you've been wanting to try. The two techniques are markedly different, but they give two different results. Both, however, are sure to give you a polished, totally killer look.

While some may not be familiar with the concept of strobing, most people are used to seeing (and hearing about) contouring. Contouring is one of the most popular makeup techniques out there right now, and in my opinion, it garnered mainstream attention thanks to the Kardashian family. While I know that may make some eyes roll, it's nonetheless true. Kim's contoured cheekbones and Khloe's under-eye highlight are perfect examples of contouring meant to sculpt their faces. Meanwhile, strobing is a much more subtle — but equally as gorgeous — way to make your features pop. By using highlighter on the high points of the face, strobing allows you to give a killer pop of shine and show off your gorgeous features.

But if strobing and contouring have virtually the same goals, how do you know when to strobe and when to contour? Well, that's all dependent on your goals.

Strobe: For Dewy Skin

While contouring can obviously feature a killer highlight, strobing is perfect for those who want to get a dewy and fresh look. By highlighting the forehead, nose, cheekbones, and cupid's bow, you'll get a stunning glow that enhances your features.

Contour: For A Sculpted Face

While strobing may be all about the highlight, contouring uses shadow to sculpt the face. If you're looking to thin out portions of your face, using contour techniques will allow you to do so. Plus, your cheekbones will look banging.

Strobe: For Subtlety

Many would argue that contouring errs more on the side of the dramatic. Strobing, however, gives that enhanced look with a bit more subtlety.

Contour: For Drama

If you're going out, contouring is a sure fire way to add drama to your look. Snatched cheek bones, a perfectly sculpted nose, and a killer under eye highlight. Just say yes.

Strobe: For A Fresh Face

While it's not quite spring or summer yet, strobing requires far fewer products than contouring. This means that not only can you give your complexion incredible radiance, but you'll get more of a fresh-faced natural feeling.

Contour: For A Matte Look

Contour is most effective with matte products whereas strobing, well, that's obviously the opposite. If you've got oily skin and the idea of a dewy look scares the hell out of you, opt for a great contour.

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Image: NikkieTutorials/YouTube