This 'Zoolander' Fave Is Back For The Sequel

Remember that time every celebrity and their mother had a cameo in 2001's Zoolander? Speaking of which, remember that time Billy Zane was in Zoolander ? The Chicago-born actor portrayed himself as a member of the male model's posse, standing behind the dim-witted Zoolander and offering sage advice such as "Don't do this [walk-off], Derek." Zane's cameo, while a small part of the hugely popular film, nevertheless prompted such quotable lines as "Listen to your friend Billy Zane, he's a cool dude" and "Put a cork in it, Zane!" 15 years later, Zane is in Zoolander 2 , and fans are seriously stoked for his return.

The actor's participation in the sequel was hilariously announced back in April through a video on the official Zoolander Instagram, in which the actor donned a Hansel wig and gave the camera his best "Blue Steel" look. It'll be cool to see exactly what Zane's role entails in the new film, and it'll be one more credit on his resume to show people that Zane is more than just the jerk from Titanic . Because if you're a '90s kid, you might have Zane crystallized in your memory as Rose's rich but undeniably awful fiancé Cal. However, the actor has actually had a lot more roles than just his Titanic and Zoolander appearances. Here are some other projects that you might not have known he was a part of.

Back To The Future And Back To The Future Part II

Zane's first film role was in Back to the Future as a minor character named Match, who was a friend of bully Biff. He reprised his role in the film's sequel.

Dead Calm

The actor was catapulted to a new level of fame in 1989 with his role as the antagonist in Dead Calm, which also starred Nicole Kidman and Sam Neill. Shoutout to Kidman's perm.

Pocahontas II

Zane provided the vocals for John Rolfe, an English settler and Pocahontas' new love interest, in Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World. Of course, Zane isn't British, but that's actually one of the lesser transgressions of this film (which, let's just say, isn't quite historically accurate).

The Phantom

Billy Zane's one superhero stint was as the Phantom in 1996. While not as iconic as Batman or Spiderman, the Phantom was a 1930s gentleman with a wolf named Devil, a horse named Hero, and a sweet purple suit.

The Roommate

Do you remember this Leighton Meester movie circa 2011? It was not well received, to say the least. But it did feature Billy Zane as a creepy cabbie-hat-wearing professor.

So even if Billy Zane hasn't been on your radar before Titanic or after Zoolander, he has definitely been keeping busy.

Images: Universal, Warner Bros, Disney, Paramount, Screen Gems