'American Horror Story: Coven's Misty Day Got the Short End of the Stick & Fans Aren't Happy

Poor Misty Day. After beginning the season of American Horror Story: Coven having just resurrected herself after being burned at the stake, spending the last episode stuck inside a tomb, and finally participating in the Seven Wonders, Misty Day met her (final) AHS: Coven demise in the finale. Misty, a Fleetwood Mac fanatic, animal lover, and amazing-hair-haver joined her fellow witches to participate in what I assume is the witch equivalent of the SATs: the Seven Wonders.

The Seven Wonders have the witches show off their powers, and the one who completes all seven tasks will be crowned the next Supreme. Though Misty was thought of to be the next Supreme due to her impressive powers of resurrection, Misty wasn't quite as powerful as originally thought — and, ultimately, it was the test of the Seven Wonders that killed her.

One of the tasks the witches must accomplish during the Seven Wonders is to go into their own personal hell and bring themselves back. Hell isn't all fiery death pits — each witch had a different version of their own personal hell. For Zoe, hell was breaking up with her boyfriend Kyle over and over again. For Queenie, it was serving ungrateful customers fried chicken at her part-time job at a fast food restaurant. For Madison, it was participating in a TV version of The Sound of Music — as Liesl.

For Misty, though, her hell was far sadder. The witch famous for resurrection was forced back into a place no one wants to be. Her hell was being in a middle school science classroom where the task of the day is dissecting a frog. Misty, who can resurrect her frog, must spend eternity dissecting a frog, bringing it back to life, and dissecting it again, all while a school bully taunts her and a teacher berates her for not following the assignment. Because Misty can't make herself come back into the land of the living in time, her body burns up and she dies. It is awful.

Not to mention totally unfair. Misty is one of the kindest witches in the coven, and one of the few who has continuously used her powers for good. All she wants to do is listen to Stevie Nicks and twirl. And this is how she has to go?

I've always thought that creator Ryan Murphy was a bit of a TV nihilist (have you seen Nip/Tuck?) which means that he does not give a damn who lives or dies on his TV shows. He does not care if you like Misty Day. He does not care if it's "so unfair" that she has to relive her own personal hell (and probably mine, too.)

Fans, however? They very much care about Misty's fate. While we all know that we won't be seeing any of our witches again — American Horror Story will create new characters and a new story line next season — fans of the show are sad that Misty got the short end of the stick, and I couldn't agree with them more.

Here are some of the saddest Twitter reactions from Misty's death:

Image: FX