The Final 'Batman V Superman' Trailer Is Here & It's The Most Action-Packed Trailer Yet — VIDEO

After a circus of movie trailers, television spots, and movie stills, the final trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has finally been released. And, if you weren't already excited enough, this trailer proves that the superhero face-off is going to be much more than just witty banter going back and forth... It's going to be action-packed. Seriously, if there's one thing I noticed from the latest look at the film, it has to be how much actual fighting this film is going to have. And, duh, it's a superhero film, so it's bound to be full of action, but, never before have we seen this much action in any of the previous already-released trailers for the film.

That's right. This trailer is full of fist-fighting, guns, explosions, and the perfect rock score to make it all just a little bit more intense. Instead of focusing on the war between Batman and Superman, the latest trailer puts all of the destruction to the city (and even the world) at it's forefront. Overall, if you ever doubted how edgy — or even sexy — the DC Comics Justice League set-up may be, you now have full permission to put away all of your doubts. Just take a look at the final trailer for yourself.

MKT Film Distribution on YouTube

If you're not excited at this point, then I honestly don't know what to tell you. Personally, this trailer officially has me cheering it all on. And why? Well, for one, the often discussed DC Comics versus Marvel Universe debate is suddenly put in a new perspective (I'm referring to the Justice League versus The Avengers debate). Why? Well, because these two superhero platforms seem as if — now more than ever — they can't even be compared. Based off of the final trailer, the comic book giant is clearly going for a darker, edgier, grittier tone, while the Marvel Universe is featuring its characters in a more comedic, light-hearted, or dare I say, "family-friendly" way. Each superhero universe brings something new and unique to the table — and, if you're like me, you now get to happily enjoy both superhero universes. Separately.

Also, another issue that can be put to rest is the fear in which the DC Comics reboot will disappoint. Yes, we all still need to see the movie before any of us form any official opinions, I'm loving everything I've seen released from director Zack Snyder so far. Also, while Ben Affleck's Batman will never necessarily be equivalent to the Dark Knight trilogy, his overall perspective of the character will still be worth watching. DC Comics is not backing down from it's original intentions: The universe is dark. Batman's a bit of a badass, even a good guy like Superman can't be trusted, and, oh yeah, crazies like Lex Luther exist in this universe as well. This is definitely not anything you would find coming from Marvel. DC Comics is finally starting to make a name for themselves in our Marvel-saturated entertainment industry.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice swoops into theaters March 25, 2016. And I will be there with my Batman t-shirt on... Or maybe Wonder Woman? Decisions, decisions.

Image: MKJFilmDistribution/YouTube