Kim Kardashian Is Blonde Again

We've seen her with light hair before — she just about broke the Internet twice when she showed up at Paris Fashion Week in 2015 with platinum locks — but this time, it's different. Kim Kardashian is blonde again, and showed off her new look at husband Kanye West's Yeezy 3 fashion show on Thursday at Madison Square Garden in New York. But it's a wig, right? If it isn't, that is the most wig-looking non-wig ever seen. It's Elvira-level, but blonde. Which isn't to say it looks bad. It just, you know, looks like synthetic plastic strands spread across her scalp.

Kim attended the show with sister Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, and daughter North West, all of whom remained brunette for the occasion. Kylie Jenner was also in the audience, as was Khloe Kardashian, who's had dyed long blonde hair for a while.

Quick question: Was the blonde Kim's way of standing out? Did Kanye ask her to wear it? Or did it just fall onto her when Elaine Benes ripped it off George Costanza's head and threw it out the window? The world may never know.

Thing is, terrible wig or not, Kim of course looks remarkable:

The newly blonde bombwig was seated next to fashion icon and Vogue maven Anna Wintour at the show:

Who says you can't wear a boa and a hairpiece and make it look good?

Casual AF is right:

Khloe and Kim have never looked more similar:

And what's better than one blonde Kim? Two, naturally:

On Wednesday, a mere 24 hours before appearing at Thursday's show, Kim was wearing dark brown braids:

Either that was one hell of an overnight hair appointment, or Kim's blonde wig will be up for sale shortly. Only on Tidal, of course.